Christian church Disciples of Christ denomination question

Do you have exorcists or those assigned to perform deliverances in your church? Do congregational churches have those services?

! was raised in the churches of Christ which, is very different from the Disciples. DOC is mainline Protestant while CoC is fundamentalist.

But that issue never appeared when I was a cofC Campbellite, never.

My family still go there the christian church disciples of Christ. Though my wife and I are catholics my side of the family isn’t. I used to worry about him but since he’s very devout and baptized and even prays the rosary I figured I’ll just pray for him and have Mary do the rest.

Like most liberal main line Protestants, the Disciples of Christ regard demon possession as myth from the middle ages that died out with the coming of the enlightenment. That being said, why would they ever need an exorcist?

I agree. However, it’s worth noting that the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is a denomination governed by congregational polity. Therefore, it’s plausible that a congregation heavily influenced by the Charismatic Movement could have teaching on demonic possession and an exorcism ministry available. From what I understand, the charismatic movement was quite strong among Puerto Rican and African-American Disciples’ churches.

However, this would be something unique to an individual local church and not something widely practiced across the denomination.

They strongly believe is the Bible and hold judgment on other issues if not addressed in the Bible-they are in my area a pretty upscale Church

they are a fairly small denomination I believe with Presbyterian roots -since the Devil is mentioned in the Bible-I suspect they would not be opposed to exorcism-

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