Christian converts brutally murdered in India [CWN]


A Tibetan husband and wife who had converted to Christianity were brutally murdered in the northeastern Indian state of West Bengal, according to the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of …



Praying for the repose of their souls.


Blessed Mother, please intercede for us.
Hold the sorrowful, strengthen the fearful,
mother and love the weary, abused, neglected
or forgotten among us,
give your aid to all needing help or healing,
assist those who are sick, in pain or suffering,
be with those needing peace,
console the lonely or brokenhearted,
comfort the lost or hopeless,
guard the unborn,
pray for those who are dying or who have died,
soften those with hardened hearts,
enlighten those who do not yet see truth,
help us be brave enough to let our hurt and anger go,
show us the way to do the right thing,
protect those who are in danger,
and guide us from every evil.
May all who keep your sacred commemoration
experience the might of your assistance.
Amen :gopray:


One of the daughters was also attacked and another escaped.

Why do so many see Christian conversions as a threat?


The news doesn’t say. However, in India attacks against converts is often the act of Hindu nationalists. They see such conversions as a threat to the social order. There is some rationale to their perspective, in that converts are often low-status persons who are trying to escape the caste system. Converts to Islam are also targeted, and I would guess converts to Buddhism as well.


Oh wow. I wonder what the reason for their murder was? I ask because I wonder if they would be martyrs?


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