Christian counselor fired for trying to help lesbian


"A Christian counselor has been fired on directions from government officials for trying to help a lesbian by referring her to another adviser who was supportive of homosexual “marriage,” according to a lawsuit filed on her behalf.

The action has been brought by the Alliance Defense Fund on behalf of Marcia Walden, who was fired from her position with a contractor for the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta because her religious beliefs conflicted with the homosexual’s goal of rebuilding a same-sex relationship and she reassigned the client to another counselor.

“A woman shouldn’t lose her job for merely upholding the highest professional standards,” said ADF Senior Legal Counsel Brian Raum. “It is unconstitutional to punish Walden for following her Christian faith, particularly when she made every effort to accommodate the needs of a potential client. Referring her to another competent counselor instead of attempting to offer her own counsel in such a situation was the ethical thing to do for the person seeking help. It’s egregious to be fired for honoring professional and ethical obligations.”

Here is a link to a video of Marcia Walden speaking in defense of herself:

IMHO- This woman clearly is not a ‘hate mongerer’ or ‘hate filled’…shes a nice lady. Just listen to her. She says that she’s counseled homosexuals before, so its not like shes intentionally trying to ‘discriminate’ against the group, its just in this particular instance, the person wanted to be helped in strengthening, rebuilding her same sex marriage, and Walden felt that SHE wasnt the best counselor for it…she knew that her religious beliefs would impede on her ability to help this lady…isnt that a GOOD thing?? That shes that honest with herself?

Like if I wanted my roof fixed, and I went to a guy and he said, I fix roofs all the time, but yours, I’m not quite familiar with- so, go to this specialist he’ll fix it right…:shrug:

sorry guys if the thread title seems misleading, but I think its a ‘rule’ that it has to be the same as the article title…

I pray that she prevails in her suit and is returned to her job.

Are counselors held to the same standard as doctors? You know how they take that hippocratic oath that they HAVE to help people?

Even then there’s still ethical rules. You don’t ask the plastic surgeon to do emergency cardiac surgery. You don’t ask a retired surgeon to do a surgery he’s done hundreds of times before if he’s now got shaky hands.

I know it’s that way for engineers. For example, I’d probably be able to do some simple mechanical/dynamic problems, but it’s not my specialty and more importantly I’m not terribly good at it, so ethically I would have to decline because it’s beyond my ability.

Seems to be the same thing in this case. It sound like she could do it, but not very well or as well as someone who’s available and much better at it. I would have thought that it’ve been the other side saying she shouldn’t due to her views.

The WND article in the first post is two years old, but the case recently made news because the judge ruled against the psychologist.

U.S. District Judge Julie E. Carnes last week rejected the lawsuit filed by Marcia Walden of Atlanta, Ga., and ruled that she cannot establish a case of religious discrimination.

In August 2007, a CDC employee met with Walden for an initial counseling session.

The employee, identified in the lawsuit as Jane Doe, said she had been in a same-sex relationship for 18 years, had an 8-year-old son, and recently learned that her partner forged her name in order to obtain lines of credit. She became emotional during the course of the session.

After hearing what kind of counseling the employee was seeking, Walden informed Doe that she couldn’t provide the requested counseling because it would conflict with her values and therefore, it would not be fair to the potential client for her to counsel Doe.

The judge ruled that the psychologist was not fired for religious reasons, but for her unprofessional handling of her client. See pp 17-18 of the judicial ruling:

The ADF says it will appeal.

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