Christian farmer halts filming of Rihanna's "inappropriate" video on his land

It’s not often I love stories in the news, but this story made me smile. A Christian farmer in Northern Ireland who had allowed the filming of Rihanna’s latest video to take place on his land, (he agreed to it when he didn’t know who Rihanna was), halted proceedings when he saw exactly what type of video was being filmed - it basicaly involved Rihanna making provocative poses in a nearly not there bikini. Nothing out of the ordinary for her obviously, but totally against the morals of this decent farmer who intervened and asked the megastar’s crew to stop filming. He even explained his case to Rihanna, face to face. One of the biggest stars in the world, given a dressing down by an Irish farmer whose Christian values made him realise that her type of pop was wholly inappropriate and over-sexed. Fair play to him, if I could pat him on the back, I would.

“I thought it was inappropriate. I requested them to stop and they did,” he explained.

What I like about this story is that he comes off extremely polite and all around nice;

“She understood where I was coming from. We shook hands and parted company on good terms.”

Good for him. I wish we had hundreds of millions just like him.

It wasn’t a nearly not there bikini, it was a cometely not there bikini. She was walking around topless only putting on the nearly not there bikini when they were filming.

I live in Northern Ireland. This news story surprised none of us - people just laughed because it is very typical of the area she was in. I agree, he came across very well. I heard him speak on local radio and he wasa very respectful and dignified. What has upset me was listening on the radio today from BBC saying ‘northern ireland have embarassed themselves again’ treating our society as backward.

This man was not even paid for the use of his field. The field is right beside a main road and he didn’t object to her being in a bikini top until she took it off but bbc radio stating that this makes northern ireland an embarassment? It saddened me :frowning:

honestly good for him, what is her goal to show how good looking she is or show that woman are objects instead of something to be valued?

In the BBC tv report, I noticed that ‘For God so loved the world’ etc. text painted in huge letters on the side of a barn.

It would have been so sad and sleazy if this had somehow appeared in the video.

Call me cynical, but could that have been the reason that particular field was chosen?

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