Christian Father Arrested for Rescuing Daughter from Muslim Husband

A Coptic Christian man was reportedly arrested, abused and forced to pay a large sum of money for rescuing his 20-year-old daughter from her Muslim husband, who was said to be holding her against her will in Alexandria, Egypt. Gamal Labib Hanna, along with a few friends, on Oct. 1 went to the apartment where his daughter was being held, according to sources of Compass Direct News. His daughter, Myrna Gamal Hanna, had called her family on Sept. 30 and asked them to save her from her husband.

Her husband, Mohamad Osama Hefnawy, reportedly had attacked the Coptic men with a metal pole during the rescue. However, Hanna was able to retrieve his only daughter, who is six months pregnant, and hide her at a secret location. The validity of the marriage between his daughter and Hefnawy is a point of debate because according to Egyptian law a woman under the age of 21 needs the approval of her father, or another male family member if her father is deceased, to marry. The daughter was married at the age of 19 and Hefnawy’s father was said to have stood in the place of her father in approving the marriage. She was later converted to Islam by her husband and his father.

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