Christian foster mother struck off after Muslim girl converts

The woman has been banned by her local council for failing to prevent the teenager from getting baptised, even though the girl was 16 and made up her own mind to change religion.

Sad. Sadder still is that this kind of thing is apparently on the rise in the UK…

This reminds me of one of several young muslim women posting on the boards here.

Imagine the fuss if it was Muslim foster parents and a Christian child converted to Islam.

Oh noes, not freedom to choose your own religion! Anything but that!

Seriously, what’s the controversy here?

Doesn’t the UN treaty of the Child protect the childs right to deside? After all we parents are not to force our children into our faith communities.:banghead: :bigyikes: :banghead: :bigyikes:

I guess it only goes for us Crazy Bible thumping Christians.:shrug:

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