Christian friends going to church but not showing that Christ lives in them?


If you have Christian friends (Catholic and Non-Catholic) that go to church on Sunday but there actions the rest of the week dont show any signs of Christ living in them what,if anything would you do?

Example 1, I have several friends, acquantices that go to church on Sunday but that’s it. If you didn’t know they went to church on Sunday you wouldn’t even imagine that they did go to church. I am not condemning them. It bothers me as their friend and fellow christian brother to see them do this. I do pray for them, but if you were in this situation how you handle this? Would you politely engage in conversation and see where the Holy Spirit leads you?

Example 2, It also bothers when I see a fellow christian brother or sister wearing some sort of cross or religious symbol of that matter and the first words out of there mouth are @#$%^$&. I know they believe in either the Jesus, God and or the Church because of the jewelry they are wearing. But my heart aches because to the non-believing world this is a wrong representation of Gods love and Christianity. Again, I am not condemning them, but in my heart I want to say something. I do pray for these individuals when I come across them. How would or do you handle this situation?

I dont want to be rude but I am also sure that there actions are probably not pleasing to God and if I could help them as a christian brother I would love to.

Thanks, NMHS


Do you go to anything outside of Sunday services that you would consider inviting them to? I know its not necessarily easy if you’re only acquaintances, but if its possible to invite them to a bible study, worship group, or community service project, they may start to show their better side.

I’m definitely guilty of this one, not because I swear out of malice towards another being, but because it has become a habitual thing for me. At my age, it is very common to use swears as a substitute for a word to emphasize how one perceives something-- “That’s $@%#ing insane!” (I’m getting a little bit better at avoiding this type of speech, but it’s going to take some time…)
I will note that there is a difference between this sort of usage of coarse language isn’t desirable, but it does differ from the sort of use of swears against another person. I’m certain that you can probably see that difference…


G’day NMHS
We can never know how much someone is trying to live the Christian life or where they are in their walk with God or even how God sees them. Let our actions be our words and let us always show by how we live, that God lives in us. It is truely sad that some of those we see, appear to be living a christian life that is not in line with ours and that sadness leads us to pray for them to continue to come into God’s blessings, for their walk may have been far longer then ours. May God continue to bless you cheers geoff


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