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Hi everyone, glad to have joined this website. This is my third post and I look forward to many more.

About a year or so I used to participate on a Christian website called Christian Chat (or something like that). Its head administrator was a gentleman named “Roboop”, a Christian fundamentalist.

In fact, the majority of forum members were Christian fundamentalists. I never knew such a thing existed. I know non-denom. Christians, born-agains, etc…. but fundamentalists?

The administrator had a long sticky thread on the heresy of catholicism, and how Catholics cannot be considered Christians. We’re heretics because we practice idolatry, worship the pope, and do funny rituals.

Have you ever had a run-in with these guys? They make the Westborough Baptist Church look liberal. Christian fundamentalism is growing rapidly too, in Latin America and the Philippines, replacing Catholicism… quite alarming I say.

It amazes me how many denominations of Christianity there are, all claiming to be the one true church, when historically-speaking, WE are the one true Church.

I haven’t heard of this group

But one thing to remind yourself in confidence

The Catholic Church wrote the bible and has zero contradictions with the faith of the bible

Also sola scriptoria and sola Fieda is as unbiblical as it gets
1 Tim 3:15
James 1:24

Step away from the scene of the accident. :eek:

Obviously, yes, I have run into these sort. The Holy Spirit must do a work in them. Pray, obey, let the chips fall where they may, but for goodness sake don’t let them tempt you to stray.

:frowning: I also have an account on I abandoned that website a while ago, as the anti-Catholic mindsets there are nurtured well.

The gentleman’s username is “RoboCop”.

Catholic Answers has written an article about it:

As Catholics we shouldn’t call ourselves Fundamentalists, as it is Protestant in its genesis.

I just looked at that site. It makes me angry. I’d best not look at it. :mad: Oh, the fellow’s name is RoboOp, not RoboCop.

I would not compare the wildest anti anything not fundamentalist to the westboro baptist church, they are on a league of their own. But fundamentalism I have come across and learnt one thing, you can’t reason with these people.

They have a one track mind and they never loose focus. Its admirable in a way but they block any and all conversation because they don’t actually want to understand their opponents. One example is a woman I ran into recently online who seems upset that most Christians call Mary Theotokos, that this makes her God. You can try explaining what the term means, what it historically meant in the council of Ephesus but you cannot.

OOh… they have a live webcam chat room! :smiley: Not a venue you see often.

Very tempting… must resist urge to troll…

Resist the urge. Trolls live under bridges they don’t make them.

Never been there, don’t plan to visit. But there is Fundamentalism (which is a specifically Protestant phenomenon and has nothing to do with Catholicism), and then there is fundamentalism (which can be practiced by adherents to any religion, including Catholicism). The Wiki article on the subject is a good place to start.

Haha, good to see I am not the only one! Yeah, sorry for the misspelling… He is quite a character.
The antiCatholic sentiment is strongly promoted in the forums, and one whiff of catholicism sends them into a frenzy.

Thanks for the link to the article!

I mostly encounter non denoms with over literal interpretations of scripture and anti Catholic leanings.

I think of it this way they speak Bible

As Catholics we speak Bible, Tradition, Church

Speak Bible to them and they might listen.

Yes but it can be so much fun! Especially when you’re Orthodox. That really throws them for a loop when you can agree with and defend Catholics and point out your shared beliefs for almost 2,000 years but they can’t call you a papist!

I’ve never once gotten a plausible answer as to how the Oriental Orthodox who split away in the 400’s and the Eastern Orthodox and Catholics who split in the 1000’s all believe in the real presence, holy orders, communion of saints, confession, iconography etc. How there is so much unity in belief from communions that have been separated for so long. And in barely 500 years the Protestants have split into some 50,000 denominations. :rotfl:

It really is quite amusing.

I agree.

I really would like to see an example of an exchange between a fundamentalist and an Orthodox.

Good observation. I like to throw that at them, too. I’ll say, “Why is it that all of the first -century churches that were founded by an apostle, or a disciple of an apostle, all have nearly the same beliefs and practices? Why do the churches founded in the last 500 years, especially the ones founded in the last 150 years, have different beliefs and practices? Which church is most likely to be accurate: the one founded by an apostle of Christ, or one founded by Chuck Smith or Charles Taze Russel?” They usually try to ignore me at this point. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah it takes away all of their usual talking points.

You want to see the face of “Christian” fundamentalism and anti-Catholicism/Orthodoxy check out this site. Quite frankly it’s some of the funniest stuff I’ve ever seen on the internet. The first time I saw it I literally cried I was laughing so hard.

Orthodox Catholic Idolatry

Satanism in Orthodox Catholicism!


Btw if anyone would like an explanation of the skull and bones or the sign the priest is making with his hand or any other questions about some of the captions I’ll be happy to give it.

Woah… that is **** **!
Just, wow…

Okay…you got me curious…what is the skull and bones symbol at the bottom of the crucifix?

The skull and crossbones so called come from the word Golgatha which means place of the skull.
Nothing to do with Illuminati.

The all seeing eye is an ancient symbol of God’s omniscience and has nothing to do with satan.

The triangle is a symbol of the Holy Trinity, nothing sinister.

It is very hard to think that people can be sooo ignorant. Perhaps they have never been introduced to other cultures and their practice. Maybe these individuals are interested in their own Southern ideas, worldview, and culture and just have no interest in anything else.

you would be better to spend your time on Catholic sites than anti-Catholic Christian ones where the cards and numbers are stacked against you. Unless you like abuse, you best find other sites to involve yourself with. Read Karl Keating’s book about Fundamentalism which goes into great detail how they are very off even though claiming to be “Bible” Chrisitians.

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