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My good friend from youth ministry is getting married. Im pretty sure that sending a gift is appropriate. but I’m a student so my budget is limited. would having a mass or masses said for him and his fiancee be an appropriate gift? maybe a small sacramental or something? That’s the kind of thing that he would like. He is a great dude so i’m not worried about him being ungrateful, but for the same reason i don’t want to do something inappropriate.

Has he ever expressed that he has a special relationship with any saint in particular?
If that’s so I would tried to find and buy him a icon or something else with his favourite saint on it.
I love the idea of having a mass said for him, but how would he know that you did this?
Would he attend?

You can also buy him a high quality Bibel with a special printing on it that fits the occation:)
The last alternative is of course a bit stepper in price than your budged may allow you.

I don’t know, I hope I’ve been to some help…

Yours in Jesus and Mary

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They have Mass cards that the priest will give you. he is also a pretty big fan of our lady, and she is pretty cool so people make a lot of stuff.

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