Christian group predicts the world will be 'annihilated' on Wednesday

From The Guardian:

While our planet may have survived September’s “blood moon”, it will be permanently destroyed on Wednesday, 7 October, a Christian organization has warned.

The eBible Fellowship, an online affiliation headquartered near Philadelphia, has based its prediction of an October obliteration on a previous claim that the world would end on 21 May 2011. While that claim proved to be false, the organization is confident it has the correct date this time.

“According to what the Bible is presenting it does appear that 7 October will be the day that God has spoken of: in which, the world will pass away,” said Chris McCann, the leader and founder of the fellowship, an online gathering of Christians headquartered in Philadelphia.

“It’ll be gone forever. Annihilated.”

McCann said that, according to his interpretation of the Bible, the world will be obliterated “with fire”.

The blood moon – a lunar eclipse combined with a “super moon” – occurred without event on 27 September. This was despite some predictions that it would herald the beginning of the apocalypse. Certain religious leaders had said the blood moon would trigger a chain of events that could see our planet destroyed in as little as seven years time.


That’s it.
I’m going off my diet.


That’s disconcerting.

What, tomorrow? What time? I’ve got tickets for the big soccer game beginning at 3 p.m., São Paulo time. The end of the world intervening before that would be a considerable inconvenience.

Thanks “Scripture alone”, prediction number 1,210,001,233 proven wrong on 10/7… reason #1billion why ‘sola scriptura’ (as these mooks see it) is bunk.

Looking forward to a rename of the title on Thursday to past tense.

Tomorrow is the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, commemorating

I don’t think the world will end

I’m not paying my credit card bill.

Well that would be a shame, I only recently converted and I still have so much more to learn and things I want to do to help atone for all the things I did before.

On the bright side, I’ve heard this before (7th Day Adventists also had a couple predictions like this) and so far I’m still here.

But it will happen eventually, so it’s best to always be prepared spiritually.

Just when I thought I could take off my tin-foil hat. :frowning:

Good. I’ll sleep in.

The world will end the day before my birthday?
Should I blow out my candles now and wish it doesn’t happen? :cake:

As good a reason as any to get some double-stuffed Oreos!

I better get my garbage cans out early as that is trash pick-up day in my district.

Here’s a rerun for their sake:

Originally posted by The Old Maid, elsewhere:

Here’s a lovely letter to those who were drawn into Camping’s hope and belief. It is possible to be passionate and sincere and yet be sincerely wrong. However, the Rapture and other such strange teachings aren’t strange enough to separate their believers from the household of faith…

Send up a prayer for them.

And yes, sleep in.

But I think we still have to pay our bills.

Just because the cubs finally made the playoffs doesnt mean the world is going to end! :smiley:

haha! Go Cubbies! They are supposed to win the World Series though because they have made the playoffs before.

Hmmm… I need to fill up my gas tank, but maybe I’ll wait until Thursday. :whistle:

It’s the seventh, it’s wednesday here in NZ. NZ still here. Or does God operate on American time?

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