Christian group to pay off $10K in strangers' parking tickets

BOISE (AP) — A Christian group will once again camp out in front of City Hall and offer to pay off up to $10,000 dollars in parking tickets for any passersby.

Organizers say the Dec. 12 event is an example of how easy it is to receive God's grace.

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The Grace Gift Parable giveaway was first held in 2004, when Treasure Valley church leaders doled out nearly $7,500 to delinquent parkers, including one woman who arrived with more than a dozen tickets.

Montie Ralstin, Jr., the pastor at Boise Valley Christian Communion, says the event is to help people understand that even though they've made mistakes, forgiveness is available.

The $10,000 for this year's event was donated by area businesses and the Christian Churches of the Treasure Valley.

They couldn't find something a little more meaningful to do with that kind of money than pay parking tickets? Especially for repeat offenders who really just don't care? How about feeding the hungry. There are a lot of them to feed right now. Or put coats on kids backs.

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