Christian group to turn former abortion clinic into memorial garden


TOLEDO, Ohio (RNS) A Christian ministry plans to turn an abandoned abortion clinic into a memorial garden for the unborn.

Center for Choice, the Uptown Toledo facility where 50,000 abortions were performed between 1983 and 2013, was purchased last week (Oct. 7) by Agora, a Christian prayer organization that is working with a group of local pro-life organizations, said Ed Sitter, executive director of Foundation for Life and Greater Toledo Right to Life.

The new owners bought the center at a real estate auction for $61,000 and plan to demolish the building and turn the grounds into a green space with benches and possibly a waterfall or fountain, according to Sitter.


I hope they allow a priest to exorcise the area of any demons before the garden is built


Yes, i agree. A memorial is needed, but Im sure we have some ugly powers and principalities that sort of took a home there…I mean much work for the father below that needs to be done in those clinics…I cant walk by a clinic without wanting to shout deliverance prayers and splash holy water on it…its just a bad feeling you get near one


What a beautiful idea! God bless them for doing this.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have all remaining abortion clinics demolished and turned into memorial gardens?


I volunteer do do that!!!


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