Christian handicrafts

I recently saw this beautiful stitching package online and was curious: do anyone of you a handicraft with christian motives? I think this is really beautiful :slight_smile:


I have been a wanting to learn how to make rosary beads lately. I am collecting ideas and techniques on Pinterest.

I also am hoping to return to my artwork. I have some ideas for Sacred Heart prints and embroideries.

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I am captivated by these and hope to make my own versions.

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Oh wow this is beautiful…with what kind of stitching do you want to make them?
I learned to love my simple cross stitch things for the TV and relax evenings after work, simple, can be done with brain off :smiley:

I saw there is a traditional style of embroidered coth as cover for the easter foods you take to the priest to be blessed in austria. I wonder if this is also common in other countries, I never saw it. Maybe this also would be a nice idea…

EDIT: I found those covers…really nice:

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I would use satin stitch and other stitches I know but forget the name of, haha. Probably no cross stitch though.

I have never heard of the covers. Ooh, that is nice!

I make stuff out of Lego. Does that count?


Did you make that?!

Incredible, whoever made it!

I did. It was a huge amount of fun. I’m what you call an AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego) Here’s the sanctuary.


You are multi-talented!

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