Christian Healthcare Cost Co-ops?


So our cobra insurance coverage will be coming to an end in February (18 months after DH left his corporate job to work for his family business), and we’re looking for a healthcare plan to replace it. Unfortunately, in our state there’s only 1 insurance company that sells individual/family plans and the cheapest one is $1500/month :eek:! That company just recently got rid of their catastrophic plans, which we had planned on purchasing after our current plan runs out, since they were about $450/month. Since that’s not currently an option, DH has been scouring the internet for alternatives to health insurance, and discovered these healthcare co-ops. They work similarly to an insurance plan, as in they cost you a certain amount each month, and your money goes into a pool that pays for other members’ medical bills. Then when you need bills covered, they send you money to help cover them.

Does anyone know anything about these? I’m worried that they may be kinda scammy. But if not then they would be quite the Godsend. Here are the ones DH has looked into so far:

I would be especially interested in hearing from people who have experience with these kinds of co-ops, or know people who have. As you can see, we have a baby due shortly, so fortunately my current insurance is covering my maternity needs, but it will be especially important to make sure the baby gets some kind of coverage after the insurance runs out.


If they are a non-profit you can ask them for their 990 or review it on a charitable watchdog websites, such as this one. I found CH Ministries 990, but not the other two. I couldn’t find anything about 501©3 status on Samaritan’s site but I did on the other two.

I’ve never heard of any of these. I would just check them out very carefully, contact the BBB in their corporate office city and see if you can find any information on them.


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