Christian Heavy Metal!

At least I find this inspiring and motivational. Anyone else?


Vengeance Rising

Mortification (a lot more rugged, hard, but still Christian)

Here are some really good metal Christian bands.

Antestor’s “A Sovereign Fortress” (Sorrow Metal)

Crimson Moonlight’s “The Final Battle” (grindcore)

Frost Like Ashes’s "Lord of Darkness (death metal)

The word of God is present, no matter what form of music you choose! My heart really goes out to these bands…the non-Christian death metal bands don’t accept them because of their religious beliefs, and I’ll bet there are many Christians who would put them down because their music could be mistaken for the pro-Satanic filth others put out.

Keep it up. Your music sounds great guys!

My top faves are:
*]Saviour Machine
*]Veni Domine[/LIST]

Saviour Machine and Veni Domine are both a little more goth/doom (though Saviour Machine also incorporates lots of orchestral stuff). The other three would be classified as power metal (with Narnia being neoclassical, Theocracy being symphonic, and Divinefire sort of a mix between the two).




Totally agree. I give the Christian death/black metal bands a lot of credit, even though I’m not a fan of the vocal styles. I’ve had the blessing of working with both Crimson Moonlight and Frost Like Ashes and everyone I talked to is a wonderful, committed Christian, out spreading the Word in a corner of the world that needs it and is not ministered to by mainstream Christian channels.

In fact, I got to see Frost Like Ashes twice in one day! Now that was awesome. :stuck_out_tongue: What an awesome group of guys.

The more I listen, the more I’m starting to like the music. That’s really cool that you worked with them. Were you a roadie?

OK, I’ll toss in a few of my favorite Christian metal songs, from bands that haven’t been mentioned yet.

Rob Rock’s “Holy Hell” (power metal):

Tourniquet’s “White Knucklin’ the Rosary” (thrash metal):

Axehead Inc’s “I’ll Leave You Lying” (thrash metal - offshoot of Crimson Thorn)

I also greatly enjoyed Lightforce (speed/thrash - precursor to Mortification) back in the 1980s, the first non-Stryper Christian metal band I ever heard.

Interestingly, I just realized that my two best “I’ll buy this CD with no knowledge of the band but purely based on the awesome cover art” purchases are Lightforce’s Mystical Thieves (1988) and Rob Rock’s Holy Hell (2005).

I occasionally produce metal shows here in Minneapolis/St. Paul with a buddy of mine. We produced the Minneapolis stop on Crimson Moonlight’s 2006 midwest tour (w/ Aletheian and Becoming The Archetype). We added Crimson Thorn (a hometown band) and Frost Like Ashes to the bill.

We had a mix up on when the three touring bands were going to take the stage, so after Frost Like Ashes and Crimson Thorn opened, we had TWO hours to kill! :eek:

Frost Like Ashes, who had already taken off their facepaint and decompressed, agreed to gear up (and paint up) and give it another go! So that’s how I saw them perform twice in one day. Unreal :bowdown:

Has anyone heard about the catholic metal band Eterna? Also, another one called Illuminandi.

That is awesome Wampa! That lineup of bands I would have killed to see!

Illuminandi is a great band! They are from Poland and don’t have too much on the discography, but their latest EP is really good! They are a gothic metal group with violin and cello. Really nice sound!

The only thing I know of about Eterna is that they play power metal and are from Brazil. I am not a real big fan of power metal, but give it a shot if you know that is your cup of tea!

I am a big fan of Pantokrator. I really like this video. It makes my skin crawl:

Hey… I got a catholic Metal band called Divine Blood.
We’re in the studio right now but we have some home made demo tracks up :smiley:
here’s our myspace -> DIvine Blood on myspace (

God bless,

Hey Fjeff,

Its good to see you over here. Good luck in the studio! Let us know how everything goes! (By the way, your post was the 5,000,001st post on CAF :D)

God bless,

I really like Eternal Decision.

Still just getting started in this genre though.

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