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The current issue that just came out is all about St. Benedict and Monasticism. I recommend it. Many Protestants are discovering the riches of Catholic spirituality.

Do you have a website for the magazine? I would be interested in ordering it online.

Go to the Christianity Today website. It is one of their magazines.

cestusdei, thanks for letting us know about this. :slight_smile:

Here’s the link:
You can subscribe near the bottom of the page.

And here is the table of contents from the current issue:

Radical Christians
Alone or in community, early monks and nuns sought to follow Christ in a whole-hearted and vividly countercultural way.
Jennifer Hevelone-Harper

The Blessing of Benedict
The “Father of Western Monasticism” spent his life teaching spiritual beginners about kindness, community, and prayer.
Carmen Acevedo Butcher

A Life of Listening
Benedict’s Rule became the gold standard of monastic life.
Hugh Feiss, OSB
Also: • Monk-ing around

Converting Europe
For centuries, monks were at the center of the Western missionary enterprise.
Glenn W. Olsen
Also: • A monk who made history

Illuminating Europe
Under Charlemagne’s influence, the monasteries shaped the future of Western education, trade, and even handwriting.
Thomas O. Kay with Jennifer Trafton
Also: • The emperor’s scholar

Unceasing Prayer in an Uncertain World
As the peace and unity of Europe collapsed, the monastery of Cluny pointed a new way forward.
Dennis Martin
Also: • The tale of Peter Abbot Living like a monk in the “real world”

Re-Monking the Church
Many Catholics and Protestants are looking back to Benedict for the community and spiritual intensity they can’t find in modern culture.
Chris Armstrong

Did You Know?
Interesting and little-known facts about Benedictine monasticism

The rise of Western monasticism

Recommended Resources
Dig deeper into this issue’s theme

From the Editor

Story Behind
"Do Re Mi"

Turning Point
William Wilberforce

People Worth Knowing
Faith of our mothers

Living History
Historical echoes in today’s world

Changed Lives
Richard Foster discovers grace in the ordinary

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