Christian Leaders Denounce Trump’s Hypocrisy Ahead Of National Prayer Breakfast

Many of the Christian leaders Trump surrounds himself with, though, justify the president’s actions by saying it isn’t the government’s role to uphold certain Biblical commandments, like welcoming the stranger. They typically sing a different tune on matters like abortion and same-sex marriage.

Trump has similarly wielded religion where convenient. He has professed to be Presbyterian, a mainline Protestant denomination, though the New York City church he said he attended released a statement in 2015 saying the then-presidential hopeful was not “an active member.”

Oh my, one more trump-bashing thread! What a party! You all make life too interesting.

Or it seemed newsworthy on a Catholic forum that “More than 800 Christian leaders are calling on President Donald Trump to honor the tenets of his professed faith ahead of Thursday’s National Prayer Breakfast.”

Maybe just listen instead of turning this into a political battle

I had just turned on the National Prayer Breakfast live, wow quite the passionate sermon by Senate Chaplain Barry Black.

The President is about to speak. I am surprised King Abdullah of Jordan is present.

Presbyterians are like butterflies. There are so many different kinds of them, you can’t say much of anything all of them hold in common.

I see that one of the leaders of this group is church dissident (sister) Simone Campbell. Not a surprise. She’s one of the handful who went to Wisconsin to campaign against Scott Walker on behalf of the teachers’ union, among other things.

Pretty good chance all of the 800 are religious leaders who are fundamentally political.

How many more messengers must be shot before we realize there is a real message there?

If they made the same request to each sitting President, especially the last two, I’ll consider them honest brokers. Then I’d suggest they be listened to.

If not, I’ll consider them opportunists and likely charlatans.

Anyone know if they made the same request to Bush and Obama (for different reasons, of course)?

If they treated Trump the way they treated the last two, then they would be would lack perspicacity.

What qualifies these people to be called “Christian Leaders”? Is there a special school that they all go to? Does 800 represent a majority or even a substantial minority of “Christian Leaders”?

Still taking shots and ignoring their message, eh?

Their perspicacity knows no satiety.

If you’re going to argue from authority, shouldn’t you at least be able to demonstrate that you’re an actual authority on the subject you’re advocating for or against?

“There is nothing Christian about his ban on refugees from Muslim countries, denigration of immigrants, and repeal of pro-life healthcare. I call on President Trump to put his Christian values into practice,” said Sister Simone Campbell, Executive Director of NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice, in a statement.

She’s wrong. It is not against the Christian Faith to limit immigration. It is not against the Christian Faith to repeal a law requiring you to purchase health insurance. It is against the Christian Faith to procure, promote or perform an abortion. It is against the Christian Faith to promote or perform a same sex ‘marriage’. I’d also argue it is against the Christian Faith to carry out most of the US’s military operations. If they criticized Trump for that, which they should, then they’d have to criticize Obama, and they don’t want to do that.

She, the pope, the bishops, religious women, christian leaders, all wrong.

Um isn’t there a passage in Deuteronomy that says different? Like help aliens because you were once aliens?

If they are claiming US policy is contrary to the Christian Faith then yes.

Of course. But that doesn’t mean we are obligated to help any particular alien. How the US could most help the countries effected by the ban is to stop bombing them and overthrowing their governments.

Who says anything about not helping aliens?

We just want to make sure none of the radical elements do not come in with the people who genuinely need help.

We will not be doing these refugees any favors if the people who have caused them problems in the first place are admitted alongside with them.

The current ban against refugees from the seven countries is there because they are failed states ran by terrorists and vetting them is not easy. Unless of course you have a better and faster way of vetting them with no need for the interim ban.
If this is the case why not call Trump and say you have a better idea.

Dang! Where’s my dictionary?

You’ll have to ask him. My quote is from an early episode of the Simpson’s.

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