“Christian Liberty or Martial Law”

Has anyone read "“Christian Liberty or Martial Law” or know about the authors? Here is their website theonlywayback.com/

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Who are the authors?

I’m not sure, but the website seems to belong to Bill Heim, a Survivalist who advertises on the Glenn Beck show.

I went to the link, but it looked like an online version one of those junk mail solicitations. I didn’t see an author listed anywhere, but I didn’t look to closely.

Since the OP didn’t respond to my question, perhaps “solicitation” is a fair assessment of that site. :shrug:

The core of the “study kit” appears to be a book by R. J. Rushdoony, who is the founder of “theonomism.” Basically the theonomist position is that only a government explicitly based on Biblical law (largely meaning OT law as interpreted by conservative Calvinists) can be just or free. This would include such things as the death penalty for idolatry, adultery, and homosexuality. The theonomists try to support their position by arguing (reductionistically) that everything else leads to some kind of horrific Nazi-like tyranny. Hence the inflammatory language on the website. Only that kind of rhetoric could persuade even the friendliest audience that the harsh regime advocated by theonomy is the way to go.

Many conservatives who are not theonomists buy into this rhetoric because it confirms their paranoid fantasies of what liberals are like.

The irony is that liberals, all the while, are talking incessantly about the theonomists as evil, totalitarian “theocrats” who want to put gay people in concentration camps, etc., and extending this to apply to conservative Christians generally.

Frankly, I think that the theonomists are a lot more clearly committed to the oppression and persecution of those with whom they disagree than are any contemporary American leftists of whom I’m aware. But that may be false–certainly some left-wing folks do say some alarming things. What conservative Christians need to recognize is that this kind of rhetoric, on both sides, undercuts civil society and is not based in reality.


Thanks for elaborating, Edwin. :thumbsup:

I appreciate your points, but do wonder how to approach the commands of God in the Old Testament. Was the command to execute homosexuals a good command, ever? If it was not good, then how does this comport with the goodness of God? I look forward to your response.

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