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Hi! Does anyone know of any good Christian magazines besides CA? I’m for anything, even if its not Catholic (as long as it isn’t anti-catholic).

I’ve heard ChristianityToday is pretty good nowadays, but I’ve heard it used to be pretty a-C in the past. I’ve also heard about CharismaMag, but it seems a lil too Pentecostal for my tastes. Any reccomendations?

Pax Christi!

We subscribe to Magnificat, which is more a devotional, but has several thought provoking essays, blurbs about saints, and features traditional art and prayers. We use it for daily prayer, too, but I’ve learned a lot from just thumbing through it, too.

If you like a Catholic take on rural subjects, Catholic Rural Life is good.

Ooh, no, keep it Catholic.

Love One Another magazine

Sometimes they are a bit preachy. Sometimes a bit fundamentalist and sometimes right off-key with the odd author but generally there are very solid Orthodox articles and often bring up historical articles which would be hard to find and are quite educational. This is a magazine translated from Polish and so there is the odd grammatical error but nothing too obscene. There have been some irritating articles and some amazing ones. The majority are solidly Catholic:

I have heard that there is a magazine called The Crusader Magazine. Now, I don’t know about this magazine personally but spotted that it was advertised by a branch of Franciscans. I am not sure if this is the same one as advertised by the Knights Templar:

I don’t read that but my husband loves it. He originally ordered it for our daughter who wasn’t interested.

Magnificat Magazine
St. Anthony Messenger
Catholic Digest
Latin Mass Magazine
The Word Among Us
The Tablet

Just to name a few. I subscribe to all.

Regina Magazine - i highly recommend!

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