Christian Motor Cycle Association or K of C ?

I am on the fence of what organization to be involved with to do good works for God. I am currently a member of the Christian Motorcycle Association which is a non-denominational organization with a goal of finding lost souls on the highways and byways through supporting motorcycle rallies and motorcyclists. Whereas the K of C tends to be more localized and supports multiple causes that help the community as well as the local Catholic Church. I have read about the Knights and have a meeting this weekend with a recruiter; has anyone had any experience with the Knights that can offer me some advice?

**There’s no real reason why you couldn’t do both. The Knights meet once a month plus whatever other activities the Council has going. Unless you’re an officer, it really doesn’t take up much time even if you’re involved to most of their activities. **

Most meeting stuff is VERY BORING ! I am a knight, but not very active. The initiation is very interesting and something I will never forget.

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