Christian musicians/filmmakers with SSA(Same-Sex Attraction)

I’m a Christian, and I struggle with homosexuality. Now what I want to know is, are there Christian artists out there who have this disorder, but try to live chastely? It would just feel so good to know there are other artists who know what it’s like to go through this.

I’m what you might call a different sort of person, in a lot of ways, not just my temptations, and this means I have trouble relating to a lot of things in the media, mostly characters in stories, and I’m tired of it. This is one of the many places where I find nothing that really speaks to me.

i imagine that you’re tired of the over-sexualization. i know that i am. homosexuals don’t just drool over potential partners all the time.

as for christian artists also carrying that cross, i don’t know of any group specifically for catholic artists suffering from homosexuality, but i do know of courage apostolate. some of them must be artists.

Sinead O’Connor


I really don’t know, but would like to know…

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