Christian musicians

Did you guys knew Adam Young from Owl City is a Christian?
I never would have thought…
Here are two songs he made a cover of:
In Christ Alone:
How Deep the Father’s Love for us:

Do you guys know anymore unlikely Christian musicians?

Well in high school me and a lot of my (non-Christian) friends (I wasn’t really practicing) really liked Flyleaf. I don’t think we knew they were Christians at the time.

These are probably their best-known songs

This is a more toned-downed duet the lead singer did with Third Day that got a lot of play on Christian radio (I’m guessing they didn’t make a video)

Dave Mustaine, lead singer of Megadeth
Alice Cooper

I was just about to say Alice Cooper (love him so much. Saw him live in 2006 and it was one of the most fun nights ever:extrahappy:) but I didnt know about Dave Mustane! Thats awesome :whacky: Its always nice to hear news like that.

Brian Welch, former lead guitarist for Korn, who quit the band after becoming a Christian.
Don’t care for their music but I love his testimony

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