Christian Mystics

Hi Everyone,

I have become increasingly interested in reading some Christian Mystics and was wondering if anyone could recommend some good books by some of our Mystics? I was thinking of reading Augustines book on the Trinity or Hildegard Von Bingen. What other books/ resources should I seek out?


Here is a website that is pretty good…have you read books on St.Padre Pio…St.Francis of Assisi…just go online and google Mystics of the Catholic Church…

: Monastic Experience of the Christian MysteryThe Sun at Midnight
by Bernard Olivera

Anything from Cistercian Publications, especially the writings of the Early Desert Fathers.


The Spanish mystics are wonderful - anything by St, John of the Cross or St. Teresa of Avila.

I’m not entirely sure, but I think that John of the Cross is considered a mystic.

Again, this subject is beyond me, but I think that Ralph Martin’s Fulfillment of All Desire is a survey of the most representative mystics in church history – the pathway to personal mystical experience in this life.

:thumbsup: Ditto. And a popular book on both by Thomas Dubay is entitled “Fire Within”.

Thanks! I will check them out!

Thanks for the website.

The Dialogue by St. Catherine of Siena.

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