Christian petitions

Are there petitions against children being taught about Satanism? There are all of these card games that teach about it. There are even these “stuffed” toys called voodoo dolls at the dollar store. I think this stuff is horrible and should not be legal. Anything I can do? Are there petitions against these things?

At least kids should not be allowed to buy them.

Should children be allowed to purchase crucifixes…holy cards? I would think “fair is fair”…the items you’ve suggested be outlawed are religious images and tools of one particular faith tradition or another.:shrug:

Why not use them as a teaching opportunity with your children?
I think your average petition can do more harm than good, giving free PR to a product.

The best way to get rid of them would be if sales were low or non existent.

Don’t buy them, and suggest your family and friends don’t either.

Word will spread.

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