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I came up with this. English is not my native language but I hope it’s okay:

Zemi’s poem :slight_smile:

In these wicked sunless days
the world looks like a giant maze
What’s the reason, what’s the why
we don’t praise our God of life?

On all the beauty we don’t gaze
and so we do not stand amazed.
We just wander, we just stray,
don’t look at God who shows us way.

We all use our fallen heads
to lead us where we hope to rest.
But though we hope for hope, not less,
our empty hearts remain restless.

Isn’t this all a bit queer
as if no one sought the heaven here?
Isn’t this all a bit weird
If God of hope lives and we’re feared?

We crave peace and love and friends
But in our longings - there it ends.
We don’t stop to seek the place
where God reveals his holy face.

“Hey, God, hello! Are you there?
Send reply if you are fair!
Tick, tack, God, I’m counting time…
No answer? Fine! I knew your care…”

Is that how we look at God?
Are we waiting for his nod
to break the silence with loud voice
so that we could give him our free choice?!

But have we never looked at cross
where all what Christ had he then lost?
There he carried all our sin
all our endless suffering

Do we not see what this does bring

  • the freedom of which hearts can sing?
    He made no joke, nor comic pun
    when he whispered: “It is done”

But will a change today come by
shall we stop believing lie?
Let’s say to Jesus today "Yes"
and give him hearts with all the mess.

Let’s accept his gift that’s free
from which all the fear we have will flee.
Holy Spirit may you lit
the darkness where we’re often hid

Father, not our will that should be done
Instead let kigdom of yours to us come
May we more know you every day
We ask all this in the Jesus’ name!


the finger
of God writes in the dust
of my soul

~A Haiku by 4HisChurch

Here is a collection of spiritual poems I have written.


The Catholic Church Jesus did found
And by His grace it’s kept around
From age to age the Church doth proclaim
The Faith of the Apostles one and the same

  • Original poem by JMJ_coder

Thank you for contribution! Very nice :slight_smile:

Thank you T.A.Stobie, SFO, 4HisChurch :slight_smile:

For Wheeler from his wife Emily,

Last night I dreamed I was an angel
Hovering over your bed as you slept,
Last night I dreamed I was an angel
Crouched beside your bed as you wept.

I put my arms around you
and held you in a comforting embrace,
I memorized your smell, your shape,
and each line upon your face.

I dreamed that I possessed the power
to take your pain away,
I dreamed that I had the power
To help you live just one more day.

I prayed that your body was healed
And that the cancer would set you free,
I prayed to overcome the monster
Threatening to take you away from me.

Last night I dreamed that I had
The power to save your life,
But then I awoke and realized
I’m no angel, I’m just your wife.


Wheeler doesn’t have much longer to go. Please pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet for him.

That’s beautiful, Emily, and very moving. You and Wheeler are in my prayers.

Emily…amazing… thank you very much for sharing… I can’t describe how profound that is…

Emily and Wheeler are follow cancer survivors of mine. I saw this poem she wrote for her husband last night, then this thread. I just wanted to share it with you all. I’ll relay the message’s. Thank you , Tim

Thank you very much, TOP!

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