Christian population on the rise

The percentage of Christians in Lebanon will rise in the decades ahead because of Muslim emigration and a fall in Muslim birthrates, according to a report published by the Lebanese …

Good I guess i hope the Middle East finds peace

This excerpt is from here.

I have some questions:

  • Where are Lebanese Muslims immigrating?

  • What’s provoking the exodus now? The civil war has been long over and Christians have not been in the ascendance since then.

  • Is there reason to believe that the Lebanese Muslims moving elsewhere won’t return after they’ve finished their studies or work contracts and can earn enough to live well or raise a family back in the homeland?

  • Shouldn’t we be concerned that Christian numbers will rise not because Muslims find the truth but because they’re simply absent?

Islam is losing steam in the EMEA region.

According to an Al-Jazeera interview of a sheikh, Muslims are very concerned about the number of conversions to Christianity in Africa.

Hope it’s true. This is an encouraging 5-minute audio in Arabic with English translation. :popcorn:

And another promising dispatch from Britain:

How so?

I’ve read this is a hoax, though can’t remember where. But as I recall, the shaykh was blowing smoke to stir the Muslim Arab viewers into showing greater interest in missionary work.

Besides, if Africans were switching from Islam to Christianity in such large numbers, we would see the demographic changes reflected in the CIA World Factbook–new reports are published each year for every sovereign and dependent territory in the world.

From the horse’s mouth (Islamic scholar), about 6 million Muslims convert to Christianity each year. Most of the converts are from Emea.

Actually, I commented on his claim in post #8.

Also, what’s “Emea”?

Six million each year…Hmmmmmmmmmm

Just do the figures…wishful thinking

I feel Trebor135 has the truth on this.

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