Christian Praise Music as a Catholic

Hi !!

I really like some of the Christian Praise and Worship Music. As a Catholic is it ok to listen to it?




I think Justa was teasing you, given the second post with the wide grins.

Generally, there is nothing wrong with praise music composed by non-Catholics so long as you are well-versed in the Catholic faith. Oftentimes a verse will stray from orthodox teaching so it would be good to ask here about new concepts you hear in lyrics.

Treat it just as you would secular music (not referring to the profanity and drug-laced songs but the ones that are simply about non spiritual themes)

As in all things, it is good to be well-versed in Catholic doctrines when reading or listening to other religious materials. We should be able to differentiate whether what is written or sung is in accordance to Catholic teaching or not, and then to take it from there.

That having said, many of the lyrics of the songs may contain general Christian themes which also hold true to our belief. These you can use even to help you in prayers and meditation if you like.

Not all non- Catholic song writers write songs with heretic themes or lyrics. Some of them have found their way to be used in the liturgy as they are accepted by some local Bishops in their dioceses.

Songs are strong tool for prayers, meditation and spiritual exercise when used wisely and correctly. So I would say, by all means use them but be sure to be clear in your own belief and be able to differentiate what is not.

God bless.

Some of them don’t mean to be Catholic…but seem that way…when ever I hear “City on our knees”…I think of Mass :smiley:

No it isn’t wrong!! Listen, we as Catholics are blessed to have been revealed the truth. That does not mean that other Christians are evil, they simply haven’t come to accept the full truth, or even that they have not yet been revealed the whole truth.

If you are ever interested in hearing a good Catholic worship artist, try Matt Maher! All of his albums are fantastic, but my FAVORITE is The End And The Beginning. It’s an amazing album.

this is my FAVORITE FAVORITE!! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

Give it a listen. It is SO good and SO Catholic. :smiley:

LOL. I don’t know about the song but again if it doesn’t contradict or blaspheme my belief I would have no problem with it. :slight_smile:

Of course we are warned that music can be deceptive and therefore an instrument of deception. Some heavy metal rock would often fit this description.

I guess, if we are not sure, then don’t listen to them and if we do, then it would be in the knowledge that the songs do not represent Catholic spirituality.

God bless.

Cool. The great thing about an ipod is I can pick and choose the song without buying the whole album. I will try that Matt Maher … xo:D

Treat protestant work a little better then secular products, and secular products like dirt.

There is nothing better than traditional Bluegrass Gospel music as long as it doesn’t make it’s way into either the Catholic or Lutheran Mass.

I think Christian music and artists are a blessing and I am sure God would be bopping along with it too:egyptian:

Christian music for me…well…it really speaks to my soul. I get very emotional and teary sometimes listening to it because I ‘feel’ the love of God in the music, it helps me to understand him and his love for me a lot better. Other times I feel like yelling from the highest mountain that I love God with all of my heart and soul and I don’t care who knows it.

I say go for it, listen, praise, worship our God thru music. They never, ever say bad, evil things in that sort of music. It’s the only channel I play in the car with the kids, other channels have swearing and terrible music that I don’t want them listening too.

Shall we talk fav.artists…Rebecca St.James, Nicole Nordeman, Red, Tenth Avenue North, Kerrie Roberts, The Afters, Mat Kearney, Casting Crowns, Jeremy Camp…yep, I am just a little fan of Christian music.:smiley:


Check out this band: They are Catholic.

Rexband ---- “You are Holy”.

It’s a beautiful song, although quite different from Christian rock/worship music.

Musical taste is in the ear and mind of the listener, as that mind is conditioned by superimposed religious tastes. There are people who don’t like anything newer than 17th-century Renaissance Music, and I would imagine that there are even some who consider Renaissance polyphony to be a modernist innovation :stuck_out_tongue:

If praise and worship music lifts your soul to God, and if the lyrics don’t distract you from Catholic teaching, listen as much as you want. I have a folder in my player of p&w music that I play when I’m mowing. It makes that chore less of a perceived waste of time when I can at the same time mentally sing to the Lord.

(Full disclosure: Not at Mass, please.)

Edit: As a matter of fact, I have some playing right now on one of my Pandora channels.

I think any song or hymn that is a good one and true, can be admired and listened to.
I personally like one written by one of the Beatles about “Lord”, I don’t remember the exact name of it.

Another one is “In his hands”.

It’s like looking into a multi-colored sunset at evn-tide.

The Morman Tabernacle Choir sings some great ones.

Anyone can appreciate the beauty and love of God in song.

Just a thought.

Ps. One on the top of the list is “AVE MARIA”.

‘My Sweet Lord’ by George Harrison is a beautiful song (although the chanting of ‘Hare Krishna’ in the background doesn’t do anything for me).

That’s the one, and I could listen to that all day.

There is another one, not by the Beetles, but it had a black gospel choir and a soloist, sort of like an hawian melody. It was back in the 60’s I believe.

Audrey Assad is another Catholic contemporary artist. Her song “For Love of You” is one you can easily find on YouTube . It’s beautiful. I’m not Catholic, but I hear her songs and Matt Maher’s a lot on the Christian radio station in my area.


Be careful. There is grave danger in listening to this music. The dange is of course when you are driving or using your ipod around moving machinery or walking on a wet floor. You may find yourelf driving wanting to wave your arms or tap your feet and that would detract from the needed concentration. While around moving machinery you may close your eyes and wiggle. On slippery floor with an ipod you may skip, hop and jiggle and of course may slip.

So be cautious.

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