Christian psychotherapist found guilty of professional misconduct for reparative therapy

Christian psychotherapist found guilty of professional misconduct for reparative therapy
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LONDON, June 1, 2011 ( – A Christian psychotherapist may be “struck off” and barred from practicing after a tribunal declared last week that her efforts to help homosexuals leave the “gay lifestyle” was “reckless,” “disrespectful,” “dogmatic” and “unprofessional.”

The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) found Lesley Pilkington guilty of professional malpractice after she let her “personal preconceived views about gay lifestyle and sexual orientation … affect her professional relationship in a way that was prejudicial.”

The case against Pilkington was a sting operation conducted by homosexual activist and journalist Patrick Strudwick, who approached her in 2009 asking for help in overcoming his same-sex attraction. Strudwick secretly recorded the conversations in their two therapy sessions and used the recordings to lodge a complaint against Pilkington with the BACP.

It merely means that she’s been kicked out of an Association which views her ‘therapy’ as quackery. It doesn’t mean she can’t continue doing what she’s doing, only that she can’t claim to be a member of the Association.

Yes, a psychologist or psychiatrist are true licensed professionals.

But basically anyone can open up an office and call themselves a psychotherapist, that is not a licensed profession and to my knowledge there is no real regulation of them.


Youre dead right! Shes better off distancing herself from such a twisted, politically-correct organisation.
She should feel honoured.


No, this means in Britain that she can not be reimbursed for doing therapy through the national Health Plan, which effectively puts her out of business. It prevents her from being reimbursed through the National Health Plan, which means she will not be paid for any therapy that she does.

It could also cost her a license to practice at all in Great Britain.

This is far from correct. In most European Countries (including Great Britain) and in most of the States of the USA, and in most (if not all) provinces in Canada, you can not call yourself a “psychotherapist” without the appropriate license.

To do this in those areas would put the person in jeopardy of fines and possible time in jail, if they are not properly licensed. Just about the ONLY exception to this are for Clergy.

I’ve no idea what the ‘national Health Plan’ is but Psychotherapy is pretty difficult to get via the National Health Service. Like most counsellors and therapists, she’ll get her money from fees.

Actually, in the UK you can be a psychotherapist without qualifications if your practice is only going to be private

Agreed. It is available on the NHS but they do need to have some sort of qualification in order to do that - like any responsible employer, the NHS needs to make sure those it employs are qualified/regulated to cover itself. In this country, the NHS has vicarious responsibility for its employees. Nurses/doctors who work for the NHS cannot be sued individually, therefore as the NHS itself is liable rather than the individual practioners it will take extra precautions.

No such protection nor demands are needed for certain jobs/professions that operate outside of the NHS, or in fact any healthcare company in the UK.

I’m wondering about the GP practice that would send people to a therapist to be ‘converted’, sounds pretty scary to me.

Same here. They were targetting the vulnerable, and that to me is not appropriate.

From the article:

"Strudwick published a transcript of his meeting with Pilkington in the Independent newspaper in February 2010. In his piece in the Guardian this week, Strudwick defended his actions, claiming to be an “out, happily gay man”.

He admits that he asked Pilkington to help him, saying, “I asked her to make me straight. Her attempts to do so flout the advice of every major mental-health body in Britain.”’

So, here’s a guy who went to Pilkington and lied to her. He said he wanted to change. She tried to help him, so this is what she gets.

The underlying assumption (and ideological fiat) in all of this criticism of her is that it’s “normal” to be homosexual, and that nobody should ever try to change that, even if the homosexual is miserable in that state and want to be straight.

ALL official psychologicial associations in the USA and UK believe that SSA is not curable, and that any attempt to do so leads to disaster. This is based on evidence on studies of people who tried “cure” therapy.

And they made this determination not on any peer-reviewed study but by a vote.

Certainly not something the NHS should be paying for.

Of course, most of this would be moot if the British government respected the principle of Subsidiarity and hadn’t Nationalized healthcare, making private and religiously-conscious healthcare practices all but unsustainable. That’s the price of Nationalization - all the negatives of a monopoly plus all the baggage of realpolitik.

  • Marty Lund

So, the Catholic Church strenuously opposes ‘socialized medicine’ in Europe, does it?

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