Christian Radio Network Blasts Wisconsin School for Student Cross-Dressing Event,2933,347154,00.html

This is outrageous, and whats more is that apparently not many parents objected to it.

Hayes said. “… They did not mean anything by this day. They were trying to have fun and come up with a fun dress-up day.”

When the idea came up, Principal Tammy Hayes saw nothing wrong with this?

They allowed a bunch of boys to come to school dressed as girls - the poor boys.

I’m probably going to get jumped on for this one but sometimes we need to lighten up. I’ve been to fun events where totally masculine men dressed up as women just for laughs (and vice versa) and the effect was hilarious. None of the people involved had homosexual inclinations or sought to make any such statement.

This to me is strictly between parents, kids and the school authorities. If it seems like innocent fun, then let it be. If not, they could can it. Don’t see why the media needs to get all tied up in knots about it.

Honestly, we take ourselves too seriously these days. We apply adult reasoning and principles to every aspect of the lives of children, which is why every fistfight, gun drawing or ‘gang up on the teacher conspiracy’ becomes headline news. Why do we refuse to let kids be kids, pimples and all?

Give it a rest. Live, laugh, enjoy life - we only have this day but once…

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