Christian rap artist Darryl Owens

As many of you may know from any of my other posts pertaining to music I’m NOT a rap guy. I like real drums and the lyrics (as in all kinds of music) are often questionable. However, my girlfriend was talking to one of her neighbors the other day and they got on the topic of music and my being in a band and she explained that her husband is a Christian rapper.

I can’t post the link as I’m at work but if you search youtube and type in darrylowensmusic you should find two videos. I can’t comment on the music as I don’t know how good it is as far as rap goes… but I didn’t hate it and the lyrics are definitely much better than “I’m going to get my gun and slap a B#$%^@ and beat a garden tool”.

Very curious to see what those of you who do like rap think though! :slight_smile:

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