Christian Rapper Jackie Hill-Perry Comes Out As Ex-Gay Firebrand


A former lesbian, she ascribes her change to God. “If He can make a moon, stars and galaxy that we have not yet fully comprehended, how can he not simply change my desires?” she said.


Such stories should always be treated with skepticism.


So should the claims that such conversions** never **happen.


Good for her!

There’s a man in my support group who’s going through a similar thing. He’s gotten out of the lifestyle and, now that he’s been away from it for a while, he’s finding himself feeling attractions to women that he never felt before.

God bless her for being willing to speak out!


Lesbian rap music? That sounds about as pleasant as having a root canal whilst simultaneously donating bone marrow.


I think you missed the point of the article, she’s an ex-lesbian who uses her music to speak about her experience and conversion.


Most of the time ex-gays seem to be bent on trying to prove to themselves that they are no longer gay and look how it turned out for Exodus International.


I had the same thought, but God does work in mysterious ways.

Anyways, who am I to judge?


Not particularly charitable. Why couldn’t we say the same thing about gay people trying to prove to themselves that they ARE gay? Both statements are similarly unhelpful, from where I’m sitting.


“Ex-lesbian” is her brand…


Most people are bi-sexual in their attractions. Very few are 100% gay or 100% het. She might be falling for a man now that she’s given up her gay life.


The problem is that conservatives extrapolate a single ex-gay story into claiming that all can change if they become Christian, that they can all magically become heterosexual cisgendered people if they become devout enough.


If there’s no scientific evidence to prove there’s such a thing as “ex-gay,” then, yes, skepticism is appropriate. If someone was NEVER gay to begin with, it’s a little silly to expect people to do jumping jacks in amazement. Not to mention the source of the story is a newspaper funded by a “church” with some astoundingly unorthodox beliefs. :shrug:


“Ex-lesbian”? Well, I certainly missed the point of the ‘article,’ as it looks like she was never gay to begin with. Whew - what a relief that must be-! :shrug:


Where are all the Muslim “ex-gays” and atheist “ex-gays”? Muslims are as anti-gay as it gets, yet you rarely (if ever) hear about a Muslim “ex-gay.” Why is that? Absent Christian ministries and apostolates, there are no “secular” ‘ex-gay’ resources. That raises red flag after red flag for me.


There is no scientific evidence that one can change one’s orientation by trying, or by undergoing therapy. There is scientific evidence that one’s sexual attractions often change over time, however.

So certainly some people who once had strong same-sex attractions don’t anymore. That doesn’t prove that Exodus was a good idea (it wasn’t), but it does suggest that someone should not be crucified for praying for their attractions to change.


Ummm, where are all the Muslim gay people? You can’t expect ex-gays where you don’t begin with gays. It’s clear that the taboo against homosexuality still is quite strong and effective, in Islam.


Where are the gays in Islam? That rang a bell of a story I once read:

Most likely, other examples could be found as well.

It’s absolutely atrocious to punish gays as I have heard they do in the Muslim world.


This is one of the times when lack of scientific evidence can be safely discounted. The field of science responsible for researching this topic has compromised itself fatally by politicizing homosexuality and spearheading the effort to normalize deviant behavior. Therefore the so-called scientific community has no impetus to undertake peer-reviewed studies and papers about the feasibility of ex-homosexual therapy, because no psych worth his salt will touch this politicized third rail.

I sincerely believe that therapy to change “orientation” is possible - hey, the scientific community should look into it as a way of turning more people homosexual - and there is no credible scientific evidence proving that it is impossible.


The ex-gay movement is a modernist Protestant thing that was appropriated by some Catholics who claimed to be conservative,

There is evidence it can change over time, not varying that much in men and varying wider in women.

I’m not entirely sure what this post means.

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