Christian rock that Catholics shouldn't listen to?

I got the idea for the topic of this post while I was listening to a Christian rock song that said something about they pray to their mother but she doesn’t hear. I need to go back and find the lyrics and put them into context…and hopefully it wasn’t a dig at Catholics.
But I was thinking that the band Demon Hunter should be avoided since we should never go seeking demons. We don’t have authority over them. We in the Catholic church believe only exorcists can do that. It is only music, but like our eyes , our ears are windows into our souls.
Any other Christian rock Catholics should avoid?
Are there any that openly sing anti-Catholic views?

I think just like Secular music we have to be discerning. Not all secular music is good, and not all is bad. Some is neutral.

For me no music is bad. Music is just energy waves going through the air. It depends on how you hear it.
Demons have no authority over us but the authority God gives them.
I had a friend who was a priest and collect lyrics of rock musics and saw them all under the Christian viewpoint. Many times they seem bad, but are only cries of help from empty souls, from souls suffering from loneliness, souls searching for God.
Did you realize how many singers ended up badly? Elvis Presly, well, I forgot any name, amy winehouse, and so on…Michael Jackson…Fred Mercury, Jimmy hendrix…

Same thing can be said for sacred music too.

Perhaps you could make an argument for instrumental music, but if there are lyrics then the situation changes, don’t you think?

If words (including of course lyrics) mean only what we wish them to mean (“how you hear it”), then they can mean anything – and eventually they mean nothing.

Um, It’s actually spelled Jimi Hendrix.

Thank you for that Fluffy. To enlarge even more Jimi’s original name was Johnny which his father Al changed to James, he was normally called Jimmy and when he first became famous the name was changed to the alternate spelling of Jimi. This concludes our lecture on my musical idol for the day. Except to note that by an amusing coincidence his middle names was Marshall which for those familiar with his favoured brand of guitar amps for much of his work may cause a pico-second of amusement.

Calling Freddie Mercury Fred Mercury makes me think of a builder for some reason. Elvis and Hendrix both have lyrics that can be interpreted positively viewed through a Christian lens. Especially Presley who of course covered many a gospel tune in his day but Hendrix has a suprisingly large number of songs focusing on his spiritual growth. Hes rather more than the guitar burning wildman he is sadly often reduced to in popular myth.

Throughout this thread, and this forum in general (and in your response), there are spelling and grammar errors. Please, be thorough and correct them all rather than just a few. Note that you should correct your own mistakes too.

I’m not sure avoiding a band just because of its name is a wise choice of action.

Wrong conclusion.

If words (including of course lyrics) mean only what we wish them to mean (“how you hear it”), then they can mean anything – and eventually they mean nothing.

and eventually they mean what the individual listener wished them to mean. Millions of individuals may discover to millions of meanings.

You know: in art there is the author and the receptor. The author publishes whatever he wants. But the work of art does not exist without the receptor. Mona Lisa does not exist is no one is seeing it. It is just paint and a canvas. The receptor sees it depending on his background (Gestalt Theory): an analphabet does not see Mona Mona Lisa as an art critic does. You do not see Harry Potter as a 11 old kid does and different from a 18 year teen.

Most of the Christian metal bands I listen to have something that can be interpreted as a dig against the Catholic Church. I don’t choose to write them off because of that.

Theocracy (one of my favorite bands period – Christian or not) has the song “Absolution Day” which contains the lyrics:

No priest can say I’m worthy
No sacraments or holy laws
can take my sin away
No church can wash my spirit clean
For the scarlet stain that paints my soul to sleep
Runs way too deep

No blessed holy water
Can sanctify me in the eyes of God
The great I AM
But He has made provision
To lift me up and wash me in the blood
Of the spotless Lamb

Certainly, I understand that his intent is to focus on the action of God rather than superstition. That’s all well and good. But it’s still an unfortunate anti-sacramental barb. Nonetheless, I don’t write them off for that one song. He’s not Catholic. I don’t expect him to have a Catholic understanding or appreciation of sacramental theology or soteriology.

My second favorite Christian band – Saviour Machine – has a rare B-side entitled “Church of the Vatican Slaves”. :eek: I have never heard it, but I cannot imagine it painting a favorable view of the Catholic Church.

A new Christian band I just started listening to – HB – has a song “Be Aware” that is all about the theologically false notion of the rapture. One of their other songs takes a 3 minute break in mid-song for one dude in the band to recite the Sinner’s Prayer. It makes me roll my eyes a bit, but I’m grounded enough to recognize it for what it is.

For me personally, I don’t find the need to write off entire bands or genres of music simply because of a few bad apples. I can skip the problematic song(s) easily enough. If I only listened to bands that conformed 100% to my Catholic worldview, I don’t think I’d have any CDs left.

Interestingly enough, I just came across this blog post today: The Problem with Christian Rock. I think the article does a good job of articulating what I have been saying for 15 years: Christian music should be more that a second-rate imitation of its secular counterparts. It should be beautiful in its own right. Perhaps I should start another thread for that discussion, though. I just thought it was providential that I find this Christian rock thread after just having read that blog post. :o

Another one to stay away from is the “Christan” rock band Sojourn
one of their songs lists this lyric
“no bleeding bird, no bleeding beast, no hyssop branch, no priest”
this is from the song Only your blood is enough.
This seems bitterly anti-catholic in my view
they may be misunderstanding us or our beliefs or something but Iam truly tired of this
we must pray for paitence just to deal with the animosity towards us
also pray for me

I don’t know that I’d call that “bitterly anti-Catholic” (unless there are other quotes in the song beside that one that are much worse). I’d save that phrase for things like Jack Chick comics or Lorraine Boettner books. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not like saying “only Christ’s blood is enough” is heresy. It’s not. Interpreting it to mean that the sacramental priesthood is superfluous would be incorrect for them to do, but I can hardly blame a protestant for doing that.

still seems like a (SINCERE) under the table poke
I meant bitter in that sense
I understand that the message is still true (I actually liked the song for a whild just couldnt get over that lyric{which also is a bit exclusive in nature if ya’ ask me})

Okay. I like your phrase “under the table poke” better. :slight_smile: I think that’s a good way of putting it (and I plan on stealing it for future use :wink: :p).

It does bug me, too. Those things taint what would otherwise be great songs. You can’t exactly sing along with it.

There is a song by FFH that starts “ok you win, you caught me daydreaming again about our sudden evacuation” which is of course about the rapture but mostly it is a dumb song-LOL! I guess Christian music like secular music is not to be looked to for correct doctrine. On the other hand I do think God can speak to us through all kinds of songs and artists both Christian and secular.



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