Christian school complains 8-year-old girl isn't girly enough

LYNCHBURG, Va. – An 8-year-old Virginia girl has left her private, Christian school after administrators complained that her appearance was not sufficiently feminine, CBS affiliate WDBJ reported Tuesday.

Sunnie Kahle has short hair and while she likes teddy bears and bracelets, she also enjoys collecting coins, hunting knives and autographed baseballs.

“It’s fun,” she explained, when asked about her hobbies.
“Sunnie realizes she’s a female, but she wants to do boy things,” Doris Thompson, Sunnie’s great-grandmother and legal guardian, told WDBJ. “She wants to play rough and tough.”


There’s defiantly something else going on here than just a girl acting like a tom-boy. From the article:

“If my child grows up to be homosexual or transgendered, I will love her that much more”

“Our documentation shows a significantly different narrative than the one portrayed in the original news report,” the statement said. Abbett said he could not reveal more because of privacy issues."

Newspapers are traditionally unreliable for getting the whole story. And, the school cannot talk about it due to confidentiality.

Let’s pray for all of them, particularly the little girl.

She shouldn’t dress like a man! How dare she wear clothes like this:

Next thing they’ll be putting men in skirts. Oops! Too late:


You soooooo did NOT just call a kilt a skirt…please tell me you didn’t…:ouch: :stretcher:

And men from the Middle East have been dressing like that for a long, long time.

As far as your overall point, I’ll defer to 1KE: the whole story isn’t evident.

People need to put emotion aside and let the free market work.

Go tell Sean Connery he’s wearing a skirt…go on…I dare ya…

Well, most societies have gender specific clothing. Notice please, Moses is not wearing a head covering. :smiley:

I am not affiliated with the school or the church in question but if I can hazard a guess, especially if it is a fundamentalist school, they are probably basing their decision on the following passage: “A woman shall not wear man’s clothing, nor shall a man put on a woman’s clothing; for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord your God,” (Deut. 22:5). This is just a thought but I have heard this quoted before in fundamentalist corners.

I was just reading a newspaper article this week that reports the U.S. toy companies are scrambling to keep up with the changing tastes of girls. Popular movies have got them wanting weapons rather than dolls. Pink, sparkly weapons are the preferred choice.

Oh rubish!

My sister is as girly as anyone could be, but she was all tom-boy too. I was the science girl in my family and cared little for dolls and playing house, but I am as female as they get otherwise. Shame on the school for making such a hogs mess of a child. People are getting outright mean and disgusting about this stuff.

If the school want them to dress a certain way then require a uniform. Otherwise hush!

In addition to benjohson’s quotes from the article is this one from the school administrator Abbett:*we can assure everyone that this has never been an issue of hair length or boots as it has been portrayed.*I don’t know what happened, but this seems to reek a little like the lesbian waitress hoax.

Maybe it has something to do with her influence on other children. I knew of a young girl once in a private school, that dressed in black, wore satinic symbles a lot and talked to the other kids about her involvement with it. The school tried to work with her and her family to no avail and she was finally asked to leave. No fuss was made by her family. One family should never be able to run the whole show. The good of the other children must be considered too. We may never know the whole story but I really doubt it was just because of her wearing short hair and boots. God Bless, Memaw

The school sees grandma as encouraging gender confusion. By grandma making this a news story shows she is not putting her grandchild first, she is putting the issue first.

It was a fundamentalist Baptist school. I think the word ‘Christian’ with no qualifiers can be quite deceptive. Many fundamentalists consider themselves to be the only Christians. If you do not accept their 'getting saved" theology and ‘get saved’ to them you aren’t a Christian. How often have you heard asked “are you a Christian, or a Catholic”?

Tomboys make the best wives. :wink:

Cultural modes in dress change over time. I have seen pictures of my late grampa in dresses and curls. Yet he did not turn out homosexual, he had 4 children.

If I gave her the ingredients, would she make me one as well? :smiley:


Frankly I think it reeks of some of that homophobia out there. It is all about her hair and boots and probably her general like of more robust games versus chatter and girly games.

What I don’t get is how incapable all these other kids must be, based on comments above. How is it they can’t deal with a kid dressed in black and talking about her involvement in satanic beliefs? When I was a kid we talked about everything and anything, had good old fashioned arguments about stuff, disagreed, agreed and had no fear of doing so. Now it is like they all need a blooming babysitter to regulate their every exposure to every kid out there. Really?

Sorry folks, teach your kids about all the stuff that exists out there and why or why not you agree with it or accept it or deny it. Then teach them how to address a conversation that is not of their moral standards in an appropriate manner. Unless a kid is threatening to literally harm or kill someone, or showing up naked and filthy they need to stay in school. And if everyone is going to have such a problem with how kids dress (and yes I think some of the attire is way out of line) then demand the school have uniforms.

When we grew up we knew when to address wrong doing, when to keep our mouth shut and who to hang around with or not. Now they seem to need a guidance counselor for every contingency. We have lost it.

Many people today will use their own kids, grandkids etc. for their own personal agenda. God Bless, Memaw

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