Christian school teaches how to lead a mosque

Muslims who want to become an imam in the U.S. can now train at an institution founded in the 18th century by members of the Congregationalist denomination to prepare pastors and other Christian ministers for service.

Hartford Seminary is launching a new "Graduate Certificate in Imam Education" program this spring, with help from the seminary's Duncan Black MacDonald Center for the Study of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations, the Fairfax Institute and the Fairfax Institute's parent, the International Institute for Islamic Thought, or the IITT

The Hudson Institute's Hillel Fradkin says he's concerned about the move, because the IIIT is a front group of the Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood, which spawned most of the leading terrorist groups, including al-Qaida and Hamas.

"If the Hartford Seminary program is being done through the IIIT, that is rather worrisome," said Fradkin, senior fellow of the D.C.-based think tank's Center for Islam, Democracy and the Future of the Muslim World.

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Holton warned, however, that the program ultimately has national security implications.

"In choosing jihadist entities for interfaith outreach, people like Rev. Warren and institutions like Hartford Seminary enable our adversaries and grant them undeserved legitimacy," he said

The ability of so many of our Christian leaders to actually provide Christian leadership has become absolutely pathetic. Rather than teaching discernment between good and evil, they demonstrate no concept of what evil actually is. Indeed, they aid and abet the perpetuation of evil by giving them the tools to spread the message of hate.

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