Christian Singer Steven Curtis Chapman Family's Faith in Tragic Loss Moves Larry King

By Hilary White August 8, 2008 ( -Larry King, in a show aired last night on CNN, interviewed the Christian music recording star Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife Mary Beth who told the story of the death of Maria Sue Chapman, their youngest daughter. King was visibly moved by…

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I just watched the whole interview on youtube. They really are an amazing family.

I recommend it. Larry King wasn’t so good though. He kept interrupting the tail end of their comments. Very annoying with such a tender topic.

it was a good show. very touching. i am sure it must be so hard for a family to go through all of this. however, it really bothered me that it was all about them. one time, the mother cried saying she wished Maria was back with them. what about the other 2 little adopted girls? how are they doing?
they must really be having a hard time with this. adopting children is nice,
but you need to take care of them like your natural born children. maria was a sweet little girl. it is a real tragedy. i hope the other two children will be looked out for. it seemed like they were getting ready to have an engagment party as well as a graduation party later in the evening. so people were distracted and not watching where the little girls were. i feel sorry for the boy who will have to live with this the rest of his life.

I have never lost a child, but my goodness, children die from accidents all the time (number one cause of death) and to only criticize the parents and imply they are being selfish in their mourning, do you realize what you typed and how you sound? My heart goes out to the Chapman family. As the parents, I am sure they are providing comfort for their children during this time as well. Are the parents not allowed to break down some of the time in between helping their other children, or should that be done only behind close doors? I have had friends bury their children for various reasons and besides God, the only other reason they had strength to continue parenting through their tragedy was because one parent was strong while the other was weak and they helped each other so that they could make it through and help their remaining children make it through too. No matter how cautious a parent is, accidents still happen.

well, their natural born children seemed to survive to adulthood without any fatal accidents. i am an advocate for the adopted. i understand very well that accidents happen. too bad no one cautioned the boy when driving into the driveway to be careful in case the young girls might be out. on my street, there are several children. the parents don’t watch them and so i have to be careful driving up the street in case one of them comes running out behind a car or out into the street after a ball. unfortunately, teenagers don’t always use caution around young children. i don’t seem to be callous, and they seem like a nice family, but, unfortunately, for maria, she won’t get any more second chances.

ANY of us is capable of losing track of a child for a few minutes at any time, especially during the distractions of preparing for an event. How in the world could they be judged so harshly? It was not unreasonable to expect a teenage boy to watch closely before backing a car out of the driveway. I can find no negligence anywhere in the story, and I am saddened that some are sitting in judgment over a family who has already experienced tremendous grief over the loss of their daughter.

I know families with multiple adopted kids. The kids are, to them, their own kids. To suggest that the Chapmans cared less for Maria Sue because she was adopted and allowed this to happen to her is presumtuous and cruel. We must, as Catholics, begin by assuming the best.

i am not saying that they intenionally allowed it to happen! it was definitely an accident. i know that they are genuinely suffering now and wish the accident would never have happened. i live in an area where people don’t watch their kids and they drown in swimming pools. i understand he was driving a high profile vehicle also which makes it really hard to see a small child. unfortunately, like i said, maria will not get a second chance. this is a hard lesson for anyone to learn. the other day a father backed over and killed his 21 year old daughter in the area where i live!! i also think how traumatic this must have been for the other 2 adopted girls, because i think they must have witnessed the accident. i am seeing this story from a different side and it is a side that you would not be able to see it from.

If you watched the show, you would have heard Will’s account of what happened.

Maria was playing on their playground with her sister and wanted help getting up to a bar or something. She asked her sister to help her, but she couldn’t. Then they noticed BIG brother coming up the driveway. As he passed by them, Maria was running toward the vehicle to get her big brother to help. He NEVER saw her coming.

This is absolutely not a case of parents “losing track” of their child. This is simply a tragic accident. Honestly.

Now I, on the other hand, have lost a child during a chaotic evening. EVERY parent on earth has lost track of a child for a minute or two. The only way to prevent that is to have the child surgically attached to your body. Do you PEE? It only takes a minute for extremely rare tragic accidents to occur. They are accidents. If you’d like to call me a neglectful parent, feel free. God knows the truth and He’s my judge. My neglected two year old was still breastfeeding and attachment parented the day he died.

This accident has absolutely NOTHING to do with Maria’s status as adopted child. Good grief.

Just yesterday, as a matter of fact, I discovered that my nearly-3-year-old son had shoved the cordless phone into a lamp (which was already on) and left it sitting against the lightbulb. Had I not been searching for the phone at the very time the plastic was melting onto the bulb, we may have had a huge fire on our hands. And it only took seconds for him to do that while I was out of the room!

I count my blessings every day and give praise to God for his mercy in sparing us the great tragedies we will never even know about. I pray to my guardian angel, and my children’s, and St. Michael, and especially the Blessed Virgin to protect us all from evil. My firstborn child was nearly killed by medical inattention at birth and will live with her brain injury the rest of her life. I know that it only takes seconds to turn our world upside down.

And I might add that because of that I can see this story from a point of view that few others can. Although I cannot imagine how it must hurt you to read it, Dranzal. :frowning:

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