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Can someone give an insight or maybe direct me to a good link to learn more about the principal theological criteria that comprise Christian spirituality?

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There is part 4 in the Catechism of the Catholic Church on prayer that would give you a good overview. Especially check out the footnotes for links to the theologians. Link to the Catechism here:

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The web is incredibly rich in sources on Christian prayer and spirituality. The Jesuits in particular have a number of sites that demonstrate Ignatian spirituality. Most religious orders also have sites that expose and develop their spirituality.


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Fr. Barron writes on the virtue of prudence:

The Queen Of The Virtues
"In the classical philosophical tradition, prudence is the regina virtutum (the queen of the virtues), that quality around which the other moral virtues cluster and find their order. This is because prudence is the power according to which the ethical life as such unfolds.

Thomas Aquinas tells us that prudentia is a sort of vision, a governing insight in regard to those things that should be done and sought: recta ratio agibilium. As such it is distinguishable from artistic knowledge, which is right reason in regard to things to be made, and speculative reason, which is contemplative insight into truth for its own sake. One of the marks of prudence is its orientation to particulars, to what Aquinas calls singularia, all of the elements, features, and contingencies that constitute a given moral situation.

To be sure, a dimension of prudence is a firm grasp of the generalities by which the ethical life is governed, but its real distinguishing characteristic is a feel for the hic et nunc (here and now) of the moral playing field. This is not unlike the sense that an experienced quarterback has for the flow of the football game, the shifting configuration of the defense that opposes him, the opportunities that can suddenly present themselves in the middle of a play. In the breakthrough of grace, this natural virtue is transformed, elevated into supernatural prudence, which is to say, a moral sensibility radically in service of the love of God.

The ratio of the supernaturally prudent person is rectified, ordered, by the radical desire to be like God, to will the good of the other as other. This is why Augustine can define elevated prudence as amor bene discernens ea quibus adiuventur ad tendendum in Deum ab his quibus impediri potest (the love that well discriminates between those things which foster the tending toward God and those which can impede it). A feel for the expression of divine love in concrete situations is infused or supernaturalized prudence."

For Fr. Barron an exemplar of this supernaturalized prudence is Thèrése Of Lisieux (photo above). Her autobiography, the Story of a Soul, is often cited as one of the great spiritual works of the Catholic Church. First published in 1898 in a highly edited verson, quickly became a modern spiritual classic, read by millions and tanslated into over fifty-five languages. John Clarke's acclaimed translation, first published in 1975, is now accepted as the standard throughout the English-speaking world.

If you want to check out more:




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Can someone give an insight or maybe direct me to a good link to learn more about the principal theological criteria that comprise Christian spirituality?

Thank you and God bless.


Here's one: Spiritual Theology


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Here's one: Spiritual Theology


Thank you, I also have found this site few days ago. There is so much in there but it is truly helpful.

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I second part 4 of the CCC on Christian Prayer.

for a good explanation for moderns of the spiritual journey through the classic 3 stages of purification, enlightenment and union with God, you can't do better for an intro than Fr. Benedict Groeschel's 2 books the Spiritual Journey, and Journey toward God, the former describes the stages and how to recognize signs that one is moving through them and the latter goes into the psychological basis of spirituality, and gives wisdom from the class Catholic spiritual directors


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