[Christian] Syrian refugee families denied parole, now face Christmas in Texas detention centers


Argh!!!! <<Link

I don’t usually agree with the National Catholic Reporter (OK, it has never happened before), but here–*what is wrong with this administration??? * (I can’t say more without violating a rule…)

AUSTIN, TEXAS Three [Christian!!!] Syrian families may spend Christmas in Texas detention centers after immigration officials denied their parole request last week. The decision angered immigration advocates who called on the Obama administration to release the refugee families saying it violates a federal court ruling.


If they were Muslim and being held there during Ramadan, I wonder what the reaction would be.

This Administration has not been friendly towards Christians. Remember how they kept out the German family that wanted to homeschool?

To be fair, claiming to be Christian is not necessarily just enough to be let in. People coming from areas of the world where terrorism is a problem should be vetted, but I do know that Mercury One charity is working on this with Christians.


The same. The rules don’t go away just because Christmas is a week from Friday.

Their case was an abuse of the asylum process.


Wat . The . HECK , seriously, let them in they are refegees , families, and spending time in detention is not how they should be spending Christmas, I mean have a heart !!! Arggg !!!


EmperorNapoleon;13513500]The same. The rules don’t go away just because Christmas is a week from Friday.

I’m talking about reactions not rules.

Is that why a lot of the same voices think florists and bakers should be forced to go against their conscience can’t understand the potential for terror infiltration in the ranks of refugees?


What bothers me is the hypocrisy–they don’t guard the borders, and they let anyone with children in, but they are giving these families who presented themselves a hard time. They would have done better to sneak across…

I understand they need to vet them more carefully, and I am for careful vetting! but the situation as it is now in the ME–they have to go to the refugee camps to be consdered refugees, bit the camps are often dangerous for non-Moslems, so the Yazidis and the Christians (mostly Catholic and Orthodox) won’t go there. As a result, the adminstration wants to bring in a few thousand refugees who will all end up being Moslem, and hopefully none will be jihadists in disguise.

It’s a mess.


Merely “having a heart” is what terrorists, criminals, drug dealers and human traffickers count on. And it seems to be working out quite well for them.

Emotions have no place in policy, which should be sound and logical.

Also, if anyone feels bad for them for being a detention center in the USA, feel free to go and visit them.


The bottom line with bakers and florists is that I don’t care about their conscience and if its so important to them then they can work within the law and open a membership-only business. Being a Christian doesn’t entitle anyone to special exemptions from the law whether it be business owners or refugees seeking asylum.


But we barely guard the border. These families volunteered to enter legally.

I guess my point is that if we are so very careful about the people we know about, maybe that should be a very loud message that we should be guarding our borders better. Right now, people who sneak across rhe border are treated better than those who don’t.

That is why this bothers me so much. Altho I do feel for the families who will be separated on Christmas, at least they know they are all currently safe.


But these are none of them , just refugees


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