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I am a new convert. I like to watch EWTN but I also watch other Christian tv programming. Is there anything or anyone I should avoid? I’ve heard that some television ministries are anti-catholic and I want to avoid them and any shows that may be teaching things that are against the church. Thank you for your help!

You should avoid them all; you are Catholic now and that should be your focus.

I don’t know how strong your faith is yet, as a new convert, so it may require you to be rather discerning for the time being.

There are some non-Catholic evangelists that I watch, for there is an element of truth in these other faiths, as our Church acknowledges, but there are also errors. Many times, I have been enlightened by those outside our faith, and we do know they have guidance of the Holy Spirit due to their baptism.

If the truth they speak gives you light, love, encouragement, peace, trust in God, or any of the fruits of the Holy Spirit as you listen to them, I would say go ahead, but be watchful. :slight_smile: You can always check what you hear against the Catechism, if there is any doubt.

To be honest with you, I have been disappointed with some of EWTN’s programming, though overall, it is an excellent source of Catholicism. When the programs are not helping me spiritually, I turn to other stations for spiritual food.

I don’t watch any of the non-Catholic television shows, either. Well, except maybe Davey and Goliath. :smiley:…0.0…1ac.1.Ju-OCUDrjOo


We used to watch that every week when I was a kid.

Me too. It was sort of pre-catechetical class. :stuck_out_tongue:


A large dose of truth mixed with a small dose of error is a very dangerous combination. I would avoid most if not all of these folks. I watch them now and then just to see what is being spewed these days. What I would suggest is that you drop the television and pick up one of the many great books out there on the Catholic faith. They are usually much more informative and enjoyable.

God bless.

Sadly, some of the TV preachers do not even recognize the Trinity. Basically, all of them will teach some level of error - mostly pertaining to the man-made “Gospel of prosperity” I would rather listen to Christian radio - far less chance of hearing error there, since it is all basically praise.

Even before my conversion I didn’t like the whole “give me your money and God will make you rich” appeals for donations. I’ve done some research and most of the pastors on TV seem to have an aversion to sharing their financial records. Fishy at best. What other forms of error are prevalent? I know they preach “once saved always saved” and that is wrong.

The terminology used is to “plant a seed” and most of them say the same thing. It is a big turn off and an over-used gimick to make people open their pockets. Ever notice that nobody from EWTN speaks this way? Occasionally, there is simply a light word at the end of a program to remember the network between one’s gas and electric bills. No need for EWTN to resort to telethons four times a year using high pressure motivational speakers.

I would second this suggestion. Also, many books-on-tape are available—your public library may be able to get some good ones for you if they participate in an inter-library loan program. I know sometimes at the end of a long day I’m too tired for much reading, but I’d rather listen to a recorded book than watch TV.

I’ve always liked that about EWTN. The main things I like about the other networks is that in between the hounding for cash and theatrical display of their “teaching” methods is that sometimes they say something about God’s love for us, his sacrifice for us and his providing for his children. And its better than secular programming. Usually.

Well, by definition, non-Catholic teaching will have error - from small to great. Sometimes, it is difficult to ascertain without further research. Doctrine is where they will run off the rails, mostly.

Anything on TBN!

You know Protestant tv goes to who ever pays the most money…you really have no idea what heresy they are teaching

Ewtn is pure uncompromising catholic

Protestant channels .

I agree that TBN is off limits, and especially avoid Benny Hinn.

OTOH, I have learned much about scripture from some teachers like Perry Stone. Last week he was in the Holy Land and we saw a burial tomb with a large round stone that must be rolled to seal it. He explained that the culture in Jesus’s time did not have burial plots in cemeteries as we do in the Western cultures, but an entire family will own a tomb in a cave that is used for generations of their deceased.

Since they do not enbalm their dead, they place them on shelves in the cave and wait for a year or so until the body decomposes. They re-enter the tomb and collect the bones and place them in an ossuary (smaller receptacle) and these are lined up within the cave for entire families.

The rolled stones to the cave are made of limestone which is quite white, and sometimes they are further whitewashed. Maybe you can figure where I’m going with this. :wink: When Jesus accused the Jews of being “whited sepulchres full of dead men’s bones,” the Jews knew what he meant because of their burial customs.

Programs like this are very informative and help us understand the scriptures better. These types of programs do not contain doctrine and I have found them to be most helpful to me. Does anyone one EWTN do this type of programming? No. I did see one special by Steve Ray when he was in the Holy Land, and Fr. Pacwa goes there often enough that he will mention some factual history on his programs occasionally.

This is not a plug for Perry Stone, by any means, but I’m just saying that if we discriminate between real biblical teachings like this, it can be helpful.

I wonder if you have found TCC (The Church Channel) where a Catholic Passionist priest, Fr. Cedric Pisegna, has a program? He changes his message weekly, and gives the same one each time he is on TCC. In fact, he is on today, Sat. night at 9 p.m., again on Sunday at 7 p.m. and Thursday with a new message (I forget the time, but I think it’s around 7 p.m.) I think you’ll like him.

I enjoy some of the movies … But watch EWTN instead. My favorite is a Jesuit. His homilies are terrific too (find past ones on YouTube)

There is a lot of great programming on EWTN…

I agree…stick with ewtn tv, and ewtn radio

There was not to long ago a channel called Vision Faith and Values, but it has been gone more than 10 years.

It was ecumenical featuring everything from Catholic to Methodist, to Orthodox to Episcopal. But it was non commercial and did not allow fund raising.

Now all that is left is fundamentalist “prosperity” gospel, and EWTN. Stick to EWTN.

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