Christian-Themed Video Game

No one probably knows this, but I design video games on my computer. I had an idea a while back… What if I made a Christian-themed video game? Would that be a good idea?:confused:


There used to be several years ago… for Windows 3.1 or 95. I always thought it would be a great idea… maybe not like the traditional video game with violence and killing, but something that would help kids learn about the Bible. It would be a niche product for sure, but if it is high quality, there are plenty of Christian bookstores out there that might carry it. Let me know! I’d buy it!:thumbsup:

Depends on what the game will be about.

If you Google “Christian Video Games” or “Catholic Video Games” you’ll find there are a good number of available games. Reading the descriptions looks appealing, but the truth in the pudding is if you go to one of the game review sites like or to see what real gamers think of the games. If you take the time to read the reviews you’ll learn how to tweak what’s already out there to make it better so you won’t have to start from scratch.

I don’t know, Bible Story adaptions, etc.
Maybe stuff like the Exorcist (not sure if I spelled that right:blush:)…

The Book of Judges!!!

And I’m only half-kidding. That stuff is better than Hollywood.

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