Christian tomb 42 AD


Dr. Eleazar Sukenik of Hebrew University uncovered a First Century Jewish Catacomb at the southern end of the Kidron Valley on the road to Bethlehem.

He found several osssuaries with the sign of the cross, Greek inscriptions, and a coin minted in A.D. 41 for King Herod Agrippa I. This would seem to indicate that the tomb was sealed no later than at least A.D. 42.

Professor Sukenik stated that the ossuaries “contain almost the whole dictionary of names in the New Testament.”

One of the coffins had an amazing inscription in Greek to Jesus followed by the exclamation “y’ho.” When translated the inscription actually says, “Jesus is Jehovah (or Lord).”

Keeping in mind that these tombs and the inscriptions date back to 42 A.D., this would mean that within 10 years of Christ’s death, resurrection and ascension the eye and ear witnesses of Christ were proclaiming that Jesus was indeed Jehovah God.

Christian theologian, Professor Alexander Hopkins, comments on the impact that this inscription has on modern New Testament scholarship:

“The inscription which was hidden for almost 2,000 years and inscribed at least two decades before any part of the New Testament was written… bears a personal testimony of faith… a message from the past with a very modern meaning for the present.”

Evangelist Grant Jeffrey writes:

“In light of the A.D. 42 date for the sealing of this tomb, the presence of this dedication to ‘Jesus, the Lord’ attests to the acceptance by Christians of Jesus Christ as God within ten years of the death and resurrection of Jesus.”

Did anyone read about this? are there some links that talk about these discoveries?


Where did you read about it? It sounds like it falls into the “it’s too good to be true” category, but maybe I’m just cynical!

I just googled Sukenik and found that he died in 1953, so clearly this is not a new discovery! I’m sure if it were true, this would have found its way into textbooks on the NT, debate on Christian origins, etc. I’m pretty confident (alas) that this is not what it sounds like.



Sorry Edwin my mistake. I should have put the link. I was giving a response to an argument presented by Khalfan (taken from Shabir Ally), when i found this :

what i quoted is in the middle of the page. Just wanted to get more info about it since i don’t take anything for granted.


I’m sure Sukenik found a tomb, but I’d like to see a more professional interpretation of what he found. All the sources I can find for this are highly dubious–I do not trust people billed as “Biblical prophecy experts”!


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