Christian Video Games

I know there were some Christian video games made for the original Nintendo, does anybody know if there are any for the GameCube? My google search didn’t really turn anything up.

You’re referring to the illegally made games? To the best of my knowledge, there are no Christian video games in recent generations. I do, however, advise a good Kirby game. :slight_smile: I’m starting to find that Nintendo’s not totally safe anymore… I’m a bit uneasy with some of the characters of recent games. I’m not buying Super Smash Bros. Brawl, in fact, because of this. It’s quite difficult, since I loved the SSB series…

I used to have a Noah’s Ark, a Moses, and a David and Goliath game for the original NES. I think I might have seen something Bible based for PSP or Nintendo DS but I’m not sure.

I think there was a Bible trivia game for PS2.

And then there was that “Left Behind” game which depends on your definition of Christianity whether it qualifies or not…

You’re thinking of Super Noah’s Ark 3D for the SNES, which was actually Castle Wolfenstein 3D with badly-redrawn graphics.

It was horrible.

jmv, I really don’t recommend looking for specifically-Christian video games – usually the makers seem to put preaching way, way ahead of making a fun game, and they aren’t often very good at either. There are plenty of great games out there that don’t have a religious theme but won’t offend any save the most delicate moral sensibilities.

No, there really was a Noah’s ark and the other games for NES, you could only buy them at Bible bookstores though, I think, that’s where I got mine. It wasn’t in 3d or anything just an old side scroll game. Here’s some links to what it was

It was part of the Bible Adventures Game.

I think I may hook up my old NES and play it if I can find it!

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