Christian Views on Homosexuality Deemed "Hate Speech" by European Rights Agency

By Hilary WhiteROME, June 30, 2010 ( - When a European Christian pro-family group applied to join the Fundamental Rights Platform (FRP) of the EU’s Human Rights Agency, they did not expect to be denounced as promoters of “hate.” The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights…

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Yet another official leftist agency legitimizing those who seek to expunge Christianity from the world scene while marginalizing all things Christian.

If that in itself is not an example of human degeneration, nothing is. Christian Europe revolutionized the very concept of human rights globally. Post-Christian Europe is making itself more and more irrelevant with rulings such as these.

The amazing thing is that many Christians including Catholics are advocating for the same thing. many of them are ok with gays marriage and so forth. Catholics specially who are advocating for gays are allowed to stay in the Church and forward their agenda. how can the Church have any authority whatsoever to fight against it?

how is the world to view this? the world gets confused why is so many so called Christans are ok with it. obviously the acceptance of gays by so many Christians gives them lots of ground to continue press on.

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