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**Dear Brother and Sisters in Christ,
I have a friend she married with a Muslim man and faraway to her family and left the Pakistan and now days live in another Islamic country. I don’t know why she acted like this and what were reasons hidden behind. But she still keeps her faith in Jesus Christ. Her husband gives her permission to stay in her faith. She always shares religious thoughts with me. And I am always trying to stand her in his faith.
But now days she is really worried by her husband, because her husband wants to second marriage. She really love to her husband she left everything for him even her parents relatives and country. She is alone with her husband in strange country for her and that country is also fulfill in Islamic people.
She asked me please advise me what I do now? She tells me if her husband gets second marriage she will be suicide.
So she is really in trouble. So in this time I need you advises and prayers. I hope I will get good response by you all.
Here one advice I want to give them to my sisters in Christ and those are really interested in Muslims guys or men. Please be care full to them! They are reacting with like this that they really love you and they admire you but you can’t know what are in their inner. I see mostly this kind of marriage at the end broken. And those women live in Europe or America doesn’t think that they really love them; even they want to convert their selves in Christianity. They are not a true Christian. They shows that they are Christian but their inner are Islamic always. They just use you because they need immigration papers and need some one where they can stay and enjoy their selves. One Islamic person doesn’t love you because you live in advance culture. Islam did not give the permission in which way you are live. So this is my advised to you that don’t take any acceptation on any Muslim men. My friend is good example and lesson for you all.
I have poor English may you hard to understand what I want t share with you and what I want to advice you. But I have something you can understand.


Sorry to hear of your friend’s dilemma. Is there a church or other christian organization that will help her? Does she want to escape him and come back to America?


she have not any kind of orgnization or church near. She is not from America she is from Pakistan.


Dear Catholic Wing,

I am afraid there is only 2 solutions for your friend to take.

  1. Leave her Muslim husband and return to America and get this marriage annulled. [do keep in mind…this is dangerous]

  2. Submit to the situation and treat the Islamic marriage the same way you treat a Catholic marriage. That is, keep loyal to your vows. The vows were witnessed by our Lord, not just the Imam and her spouse. Its an immense cross to carry, but she will be rewarded highly for it.

In most Muslim marriages, the husband lets his wife be in her religion for a number of months. After that, he will demand she convert and start dressing more modestly than even Mary had. He would also have the right to beat her for any infraction of his rules. She would have to attend the masjid and get used to how critical the Muslim women are of Western Muslims. It may even be hard for her to get friends.

The children will end up being Muslims, of course. All Muslim men typically do not want their children to be any other religion.

So as you see…it is a harsh situation. It would always be nice to find a kind Muslim that wouldn’t be this way to his Christian wife…but they’re rare to find. Please help your friend in whatever she chooses to do…

but never support her suicide. She is sinning against the Lord FAR WORSE by doing that, particularly with full self-consent.


I’m so sorry for your friend. Is there any way her family can help her? If she wanted to get out of her marriage, could she go visit her family, and not return to her husband? Will the Pakastanie government force her to return? I don’t know very much about Middle Eastern politics.

I would ask that everyone be careful about stigmatising Muslims. My friend has been married to an Iranian for 14 years. They have a wonderful marriage and a beautiful daughter. My friend’s husband is a great person.

My prayers are with your friend. I hope she gets out ok.



I think there’s a major difference between a Westernized Muslim and a non-westernized Muslim. My friend is also Catholic and married to a Muslim, but she wears the pants in that relationship (he complained once about a crucifix in their room, she said if he didn’t like it he could leave their marriage, needless to say, he stayed). She has live with him and their children in Saudi Arabia and now live in Jordan. She met him at college here in the States, so he is more Westernized than a Muslim who did not attend university in the West.

CatholicWing, if your friend married a Muslim who is not Westernized, I would recommend that she find a Catholic organization out where she is (maybe Catholic Relief Services, I think they’re in more countries than the Red Cross) and talk to them to see what may be able to be done. If there is a Catholic organization in her country she can get in contact with they may know just what to do. Also prayer and fasting for her husband to not make this decision would also be good.


A question.

Does the Church ever dispense a marriage of a Catholic to a Muslim in an Islamic ceremony?

Given the Muslim understanding of marriage, multiple wives, domination of husband, etc. it would seem impossible for this to be a valid marriage.

It constantly shocks me that western women would accept such a marriage.

I will say a prayer for your friend.

God Bless


Love is a powerful force, regardless if it is used by one member of the couple for control (i.e. the one who “wears the pants” in the family) or not. It can override even a persons religion at times. Plus, I don’t think someone in Pakistan would be considered western… maybe the term would be westernized.


Actually she don’t want to make worried about their parents again. When she left their family and parents it was a big shocked for them. And she is to much repent on her own self what you did. And I don’t think that their family really helps her in this case of. Because they broken all relation with her. She is now alone in the world and really afraid and in stress. She is not want to contact with Government of Pakistan. Because she is fear to his husband too that may he create any problem for her. May her husband can kill her if he know the plan to left her husband. So she is to much worry.
I ask her to prayer for her self and for her husband. I am praying for her too. And thanks for you all those are keeps her in yours prayers.


No, their ceremony was totally Islamic. Islam has not liked this kind of any rule.


She is not an American lady. She is Pakistani Christian lady.


She is not an American Lady. She is Pakistani Christian Lady.


Catholic Wing, if she can find Catholic Relief Services or any other Christian international organization that offers services (even underground) in Pakistan, they should be able to help her. I am sure she is not the first Christian Middle Easterner to have faced this exact situation. An international Christian organization may know how to help her better than anyone else due to the persecution that goes on in non-Christian countries. It’s worth a try for your friend and even if she’s not Catholic, she should try to look for a Catholic organization that works within Pakistan also.


Do you know any orginzation which working on this matter. Actually i dont know very well. I am not properlly know how to find them on internet.
If you know plz tell me i can contact with them.


Try Catholic Relief Services first. They may be able to help or point you in the right direction. They have a massive website


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