Christian woman killed in India as anti-Christian violence continues (CNA)

Rome, Oct 1, 2008 / 11:37 pm (CNA).- Another Christian woman was killed and 300 more houses were burned down in anti-Christian violence in the India state of Orissa on Wednesday. Her death brings to 60 the number of Christians who have been killed by Hindu extremists since August 23, with 18,000 people injured and over 50,000 people having fled their homes.

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I’m cozy in my home ,warm and safe .My heart and prayers go
out to these modern day martyrs.I’m praying for the families of our many Priests who are from India.Who must be worried sick about their families.

Our society appears to be so silent.Are we stunned by such overt Evil,that it immobilizes us as victims as well?

Why is there no out cry to save these people?,They are being
murdered out right and unrestrained,It appears that our desensitized culture of death is being entertained elsewhere.
This is much worse than a tornado or hurricane.50,thousand people already forced from their homes so they can be killed like vermon in the streets.Is their government so corrupt it can’t act?
I guess these aren’t the class of people that our jobs have been outsourced to,so nobody of consequence is moving their butts over here!

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