Christian women, when would you wear a headscarf?

A question for Christian women: under what circumstances would you wear a Muslim-style headscarf?

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For what exactly? I’m not interested in discussions of Christian veiling (which in practice in the west looks substantially different) or of politics. And the last relevant thread I found on what I’m actually talking about was my own from a year ago, which talked about a more limited case of the same - whether a Christian woman would wear a headscarf to a mosque.

At least in the west, Muslim and Christian headcoverings look quite different in practice. So I ask when a Christian woman would be willing to wear a headscarf in a style identified as Muslim.

under no circumstances would i wear one that looked liked the muslim style, maybe a head covering for Mass but i dont intend to wear anything that would remotely resemble or be identified as muslim

Moslem women’s head scarves vary a lot in style. In the 50s and early 60s, the style of scarves women wore, esp in convertibles, was very similar to one of those styles, to the point that I have heard comments if I wear a scarf in that style now, (long rectangular scarf over the head with one end thrown over the opposite shoulder)

I personally like to wear something on my head during the winter because I get cold very easily, but find it difficult because we have moved from scarves’ being unfashionable to being connected with Islam. I’m getting kind of tired of clothes’ being political statements–it’s ridiculous.

I would not go to a mosque unless I had a need to go, like if i were a detective following someone, in which case, I would probably wear a scarf in order not to be noticed.

Why the question, DL?


None that I could think of, perhaps only if I were visiting a predominatly Muslim country and it was the standard practice (I think if you visit a country, you should respect their customs and practices as much as possible).

Curiosity, mainly. I was reading an article about a Muslim shopkeeper in a high-Muslim neighborhood who wanted his employees to wear hijabs. I know a girl who worked a staff position at a Muslim school and wore a headscarf even though she was not a Muslim. And I’ve lived in an area where there was a high Muslim population and it was pretty normal to see women walking around with headscarves on. So I was just wondering when people would be ok with it.

Muslim style - no - would not!

If I were on a tour of a historic mosque, I would wear one if that was a requirement, just as I would have expected non-Catholics to cover their head to visit a Catholic Church when that was a requirement.

On a daily basis as an employee? No, as I consider it part of the oppression of women that is so common in the Muslim world.

If I went to a mosque or to a predominately Muslim country, I would wear one. Just as a sign of respect.

I actually think that some sects of Christianity do wear forms of a head scarf. I believe that some of Coptic Orthodox women wear scarfs like muslim women. I actually think this question has more to do with culture than with religion.

I agree strongly on this one. Personally, I like the style. Many of them are quite pretty.

I was raised to respect people of other religions, even when we have profound differences in belief.

As for other reasons, weather has a lot to do with it.

I grew up in a moderately Muslim country and even there, there were more women who did NOT wear the hijab than those who did.

The hijab was seen as more of an Arab thing than a Muslim thing.

I would think that the answer to the original question would be:

a) when she wants to

If it was a cultural expectation, then I would wear it. If my communion met in a synodical convention and decided that “modesty” required head coverings for women in church, then I would veil-up and not worry about it.

The practice just doesn’t have any baggage attached to it, for me.

That’s not true. Non arab muslims (many muslims arent even arabs-a lot are Pakistani or Indian) also wear hijabs.

I know most Muslims are not Arabs.

I was talking about how Indonesian and Malaysian Muslims I know view the hijab.

They do have headcoverings similar to the hijab and this is what they prefer to wear.

It’s like comparing a manitilla to a.scarf worn babushka syle. Mantillas are more prevalent among Latinos while a.headscarf is more.popular among Eastern Europeans. Neither is more catholic than the other.

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