Christianism in China


Hello!I am a chinese Catholic.I was born in China.Here in China 100-120 milions are christians and in 2030 China become the country with many christians in world with more 250 milion christians!Many and many chinese atheosts become christians(10.000 Chinese become christians eveey day!)


I was born in atheist family and i become christian with 5 friends last year(i am 20 years old)!In China 1949 has got 1 milion christians now has got more of 100 milions!In 2030 China with more 250 milions christians become the country with many christians in the world!10.000 chinese become christians every day!Christianism is the faster up religion in China!And all this in a communist country!Please pray for us!


Welcome to the forum! I remember reading this article from some time ago. God bless your country and your Christian community.


What is the percentage of Catholics? Or is the Christian growth all dominated by well intentioned yet heretical protestants…:shrug:


god bless you


This is why we can’t have nice things.




Welcome to the wild tenditious Catholic Answers Forum (CAF) :wink: I am so happy to hear about Christianity in China! I work with some Chinese students, but they are young so I do not like to ask them questions about topics like religion.

I think it is really wonderful that you and your friends converted. It would be great to hear more about your stories and how you came to convert!


I go to China in 2016 in a college in Hong Cong and many chinese college students become chridtians!This is very good who China in 2030 become the country with more christians that all other countries and USA.China in 2030 have got 250 milions christians.The 65% of Chinese Chridtian i listen are protestants(evangicals the more),30% Catholics and 5% orthodox


This is good news.


I personally suspect that as the West rejects Christianity, and with the number of Christian martyrs we’ve been seeing, that China (and more generally Asia) will grow more Christian. Perhaps this is the suffering necessary for overcoming Communism in some of those places. Can such a thing as the suffering and yoke in Asia (more specifically China and the other Communist nations) be overcome?


The Christians in China are in our prayers.

God bless you.


Yes i am serious as no Catholic should want the majority of people to be converting to a heretical form of Christianity which there is no salvation.


Well if you have some stats,that would be nice.To explain my comment,evangelism is better than atheism but it is none the less heretical( they believe in faith alone which contradicts James 2;24 and also reject the church which Christ founded and peters successors).That is why i am asking about the percentage of Catholics.


What would be more interesting than raw stats would be to examine WHY there is a growth in Christianity. I’m personally acquainted with several evangelicals who have risked their safety to smuggle bibles into China. I know of zero Catholics who have done the same. If there is a low percentage of Catholics among the growing Christian community in China, perhaps it might be because so many Catholics hide behind the safety of calling everyone heretics, while those heretics are out obeying Jesus’ command to spread the gospel. Which of these, the Catholics or the heretics, are being neighbors to the Chinese? See Luke 10:25-37, since you seem to be fond of examining who contradicts scripture.


There are actually a considerable about of underground Catholic missionary’s(this included priests and religious) in southern china and the communists have a fake state runed Catholic church.I want to answer your statement on ‘’ Catholics hide behind the safety of calling every one heretics ‘’. Well one must speak the truth no matter how well intention the opposition is. As i said James 2;24 (Ye see then how that by works a man is justified, and not by faith only.) king James bible
word for word destroys the protestant position of faith alone and supports the Catholic position.(faith+works+grace) If you read James 2:14-26 it becomes even more clear that one is not justified by faith alone. Yet how can a true form of Christianity teach such an anti-biblical heresy.This shows that Protestantism is false and a deception.


Well if you had some stats, that would be nice.

And yet there are so many dang Protestants out there putting Catholics to shame with the number of “works” they are doing.

If you read Luke 9:49-50, you can clearly see that anyone (namely, you) who doesn’t rejoice at the spread of Christianity in China, and instead worries about what percentage of them are Catholic, has been truly deceived and is rejecting scripture in favor of their own false made up teachings. But that’s okay, since even the original disciples were once as profoundly confused and deceived as you are. :slight_smile:


Please note that I put capitals to empathize something
The reason I am interested in the percentage of Catholics is because all other Christans are in sects outside the church which Christ founded.(protestants came out of the Catholic Church)There can only be one true church and that church must be the one which Jesus founded and said the gates of hell would not prevail against which is the Catholic Church as its the only church around in early Christianity .It was not one of the 35000 plus Protestant churches today because they did not exist back then.THE PROBLEM with protestism is that it is outside the one true church Christ founded which the gates of hell would not prevail( Matt 16:18-19).The Bible then goes on to say that those who are NOT bound to that church( Catholic Church) would not be bound in heaven(get to heaven).Thats why I don’t won’t people to join a false cristanity as it is not the church wich Christ founded for us and one can’t be saved in that false sect .

On the issue of James, we’re talking about doctrine. Protestants believe your justified by FATH ALONE but Catholics believe AS THE BIBLE says that we’re NOT JUSTIFIED BY FAITH ALONE in accordance with James 2:24(you see man is justified by works,and not faith alone). As protestism promoted the false doctrine of faith alone( along with many others) one can not be rejoicing over people converting to a kind of Christianity wich DENYS BIBICAL TRUTH.(yes I know many protestants do good works but they still hold the doctrinal mistake of believing that faith alone is enough.An other problem is that many reject christs true presence in the eurchrust something which virtually all church fathers believed in)


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