Christianity a "self-righteous religion": Japanese govt official [CN-USA]

A top official in Japan’s new ruling Democratic Party has saidChristianity is “exclusive and self-righteous” and claimed that US andEuropean societies with a Christian background are “stuck at animpasse.”


An impass? This whole thing is hard to comprehend. So what’s his point?

I might add that if, as the article says, he believes Christianity is more exclusive and self-righteous than Islam, he couldn’t know very much about either of them.

I like how he calls Christianity ‘exclusive’. The only barrier it has to admission is sharing beliefs, which coincidentally is what defines a member of any religion (or any ideology for that matter).

Man, those Marxists are so ‘exclusive’… you have to believe in Marxism to be one! :rotfl:

So Emperor and ancestor worship somehow make for a better society?

In Christ,


The Japanese, who are possibly the most ethnocentrically-bigoted people on the surface of the planet, have very little room to talk about exclusivity in anything.

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