Christianity an apocalyptic movement?

Many New Testament scholars, including Bart. D. Ehrman, E.P. Sander, and John. P. Meier, consider Jesus to have been an “apocalyptic prophet” and that Christianity essentially began as an apocalyptic sect of Second Temple Judaism. They point to the many instances in the New Testament where the authors seem to believe Jesus would return within their lifetime or shortly after such as the Olivet Discourse in the Synoptic Gospels, the numerous instances in the epistles that speak about the passing away of the world or the fact that it is the last hour or that the end is near, as well as the numerous times in Revelation where Christ says he is coming soon. They also point to the sense of urgency within the early Chrisitian community which is probably the reason why it took so long for the gospels to be written since everyone expected the imminent return of Christ. Obviously I’m just giving a summary here, you can read more about this, but what are we as Christians to think of this? Not only because it’s the most dominate view among contemporary New Testament scholarship, but also because the evidence for it is interesting to say the least.

Non-Christian Jews of Today - involved in the Third Temple Movement -
Anticipate in their view of the “Messiah” arriving… somewhat imminently.

PS - Anyone who’s been keeping up to date on the rapidly growing Geo-Political Militaries Build-Ups - cannot help to think and speak of in terms of WWIII

What the ancients overlooked was Genesis 8:21 where YHWH promises that He will never again attempt to destroy all of humanity (no mention of any flood here, that’s in chapter nine.) Their confusion may be forgiven on the grounds that they could not possibly have conceived that mankind would eventually deploy the means to exterminate the human race without any help from our Creator.
But “wolf” has been cried so many times in the past, that now, when our doom is starring us in the face, we refuse to believe it.

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Jesus wasn’t focused on the end times until after the resurrection even then it was very brief mostly limited to the great commission and small mentions of the second coming and his preparations for the saints. John was the prophet of the apocalypse and by that I mean he had revaluations revealed to him and we don’t really know what exactly it means because it was a biblical era man looking into a future later than our own present(that assumes he saw real events rather than imagery, which may be the case) so we cannot know what the end of the end times will look like.

I’m not Catholic and really don’t know if I should give my thoughts but am very interested in hearing what Catholics think of my opinions.

I don’t agree with these statements. In His ministry Jesus made many statements regarding mankind’s impending judgment, see Luke 21:34-35 for instance :

that day will be sprung you suddenly, like a trap. For it will come down on every living man on the face of the earth.

As for what the end times will look like we find the theme of “a trap” repeated in Psalm 9:15-16:

The nations have fallen into the pit that they dug.
They are caught by the feet in the snare they set themselves.
YHWH has given judgment, has made Himself known.
He has trapped the wicked in the work of their own hands.

This Psalm is a description of the conundrum that the nuclear armed nations find themselves in: these weapons will destroy them and most of humanity as well, but they cannot find the will to get rid of the bombs. Even on this Catholic forum (where we see our father Francis repeatedly condemning the very possession of these evil devices) the idea of unilateral nuclear disarmament seems to be very unpopular.

What do the end of the end times look like? Jeremiah 25:32-33

See! The disaster spreads
from nation to nation.
A mighty tempest rises
from the far ends of the earth.
Those slaughtered by YHWH that day will be scattered across the world from end to end. No dirge will be raised for them. No one will gather them or bury them. They will stay lying on the surface like dung.

This is an ancient description of a global nuclear war, and the dead cannot be seen to because of the residual radiation of nuclear bombs.

This world has been :Prophesied to go down the tubes.
I don’t believe world leaders walk in lockstep with Jesus Christ or pope

Christianity is a gathering of people who come together to worship in spirit and truth, a truth that welcomes as their Lord Wills. They hope for an inheritance within the love of the trinity. They please him with truth, and our crowned with his gifts, that thereby they are properly detached from the seen and love the unseen, including God in the stranger.

They check their motivations, discern with the wise to daily remember, that thou hast this day, and every day of thy life: God to glorify, Jesus to imitate, The Blessed Virgin and the Saints to venerate, the angels to invoke, a soul to save, a body to mortify, sins to expiate, virtues to acquire, hell to avoid, heaven to gain, eternity to prepare for, time to profit by, neighbours to edify, the world to despise, devils to combat, passions to subdue, death perhaps to suffer, and Judgement to undergo.

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