Christianity and Chick-fil-A

While I’d be the first to admit that many Christians could do more (myself especially), the picture going around insinuating that Christians would never show up in significant numbers to help the poor is, frankly, an incorrect, ignorant, and a childish bit of rhetoric. Christians do feed the poor. Lot’s of Christians. All the time. (particularly if we are talking about actual rather than in-name-only Christians). :thumbsup:

Next time you see that sign posted on your facebook news feed, comment with this:

Finally some hope in this anti-christain world :slight_smile: " the gates of hell will not prevail"

We all know this is just another tactic by those who hate. Catholics do a lot and can do more.

Indeed, the insinuation is so ridiculous on its face that it really does merit the dignity of a response. People who believe that stuff are so wrapped up in their own ignorance it wouldn’t matter to them anyway. It hasn’t for the entire history of the Church, and it won’t change now.

Keep Calm and Carry On!


Why are so many liberals so intolerant? Isn’t this intolerance hypocritically ironic?

The caption should have said," You’d never find this many liberals defending a Christians right to free speech".

Yes. They are ignorant and blind. Facts mean nothing to them, they’re too wrapped up in their “movement”.

Lol, love it!

Though I’ve been trying very hard to be charitable about this whole thing and not throw any sort of attacks back at them. I’ll I’ve done is just post the link to this article.

“Anyone who is aware of the high degree of selectivity of Leftist indignation, and of how they remain utterly impassive in the face of any injustice that doesn’t serve to further their agenda, keeps their complaints in perspective.”

Well said…but who said it? lol!


Yogi Berra

An anonymous poster on another website about 5 years ago. I thought it was a keeper.

The difference is that people who help the poor don’t need public recognition to do that. People who are defending free speech will of course do something in public.

I actually heard a 3rd-hand story of hundreds of people standing in line at Chick-fil-A. There was one pro-gay-marriage protester who rode his bike up and down the line verbally taunting the patrons. At one point that man, being utterly outnumbered sat on a curb and started crying. A few people stepped out of line, sat down next to him and started a conversation with him. No one heard what they talked about, but they appeared to exchange contact info at the end of their conversation. I’m sure across the country, there were many exchanges that began in the same way, but we also need to witness our faith in how we address those who oppose our point of view as well.


We need threads like this. Thanks for starting one, Debora!

The strategy of the gay movement is apparent. use of buzz advocacy phrases, like “marriage equality”; unrelenting false claims of bigotry and homophobia on Christians who defend traditional marriage; propaganda that our Church hates gays because of her teaching; and a whole host of others.

This recent one that Christians do not care for the poor is just another. To what end? To get the focus away from the rallying of Christians, which is happening, at last, in defending traditional marriage and repudiation of same sex ‘marriage’ social experiment and its twin experiment of gay ‘parenting’ and adoption.

The movement wants an unimpeded course that will force on everyone in every state, including on an unwilling majority, with the aiding and abetting of the liberal media, sympathetic legislators, judges and people in academia who forgot what is true north and what would be good for our future generations.

This is so great.

And I totally agree with the second bolded part. I think the best thing we can do to “strike back” is to kill with kindness and with the love of Christ.

Just want to pile on with a big AMEN

The fact of the matter is that some Christians help the poor. Some atheists, Buddhists, Muslims, and any other religion you can think of help the poor too. But I doubt as many Christians would show up to a national “help at your local soup kitchen day” than “eat at chick fil a day.”

A lot of this has to do with laziness. Most people are lazy and eating at chick fil a is easy and delicious. It is a lot easier than volunteering at a soup kitchen.

Some Christians do help the poor…most don’t.

This isn’t intolerant. The picture is objectively true. If you guys are so convinced that the picture is not true why don’t you try to start a “national donate 5 dollars to the homeless” or “volunteer at a soup kitchen” day and see if it catches on as much as eating at chick fil a. I can tell you now it won’t.

First of all there are a lot of Christian liberals. Most of America is still Christian.

“The majority of Americans (76% to 80%) identify themselves as Protestants or Catholics, accounting for 51% and 25% of the population respectively, according to one survey by Trinity College”

WE ARE SO PERSECUTED!!! We have a 4 to 1 majority in America but we are being persecuted. I know why that is though…it is because all the politicians are not Christian. Wait, almost every politician is Christian. Hmmmm, so how does this persecution work again?

Liberals don’t seem to know that you can’t serve two masters. If you aren’t serving God you are serving Satan.

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