Christianity and fashion

As most here know, I’m college age and I’m curious about this issue:

I want fashionable clothing. Stuff that looks good and is quality. I don’t really care what brand it is, but the fact is, if you want something quality, you’re going to have to pay for that quality. I need quality clothing before I go to college (not exaggerating). Is there a conflict of interest between me trying to live a Christian lifestyle and also wanting good looking and well made clothes that I would have to spend a decent amount of money on?? It seems to conflict with the “humility” point of our faith, then again dosen’t humility come from the inside out?:shrug:

God has blessed me with a good paying job considering my age. $10 an hour. My friends only make like 6 or 7. Should I use this to my advantage and get what I need???

God will provide for your needs. Jesus told some people gathered around Him to not worry about what they are to wear. I suggest wearing quality but modest clothing, consistent with what you will need. I have worked in situations where I needed to dress up and others where my style of dress was less important.

God bless,

I think as long as you don’t overdo it (exercise temperance), you should be fine, I only wear Ralph Lauren jeans, which go for about $75-90 a pair. Instead of buying retail, I spend between $10-20 (including shipping) buying gently used on ebay. $90 would be too much money to justify for a pair of jeans.

However, in my professional life, I spend the money necessary because I have to look a certain way. But again, I balance it out because the Ts I wear casually are bought wholesale.

I don’t think there are definite lines in discerning what is appropriate to buy.

Understandable. I was just curious as to what others thought…I wasn’t sure of myself. And yes, you’re right. $90 does not justify a pair of jeans.

I’m planning on shopping at American Eagle and Old Navy so it shouldn’t get too over the top. I just need some new casual clothes and DEFINATELY work clothes. I’m in an office where khaki is the norm…and I only have one pair of khaki pants…that should illustrate my situation!

I know where your coming from. I’m a 22 year old female, and I also like fashionable clothes. I believe I dress modestly, but I also like to look good. I usually go to dillards and raid the clearance rack. I’ve bought blouses and shirts for $2.00 that were once $70.
I’m a cheap shopper. I don’t like to get one item that costs a lot when I can get five items for the same price.
As long as you don’t go way over board and spend like $1000 dollers on clothes.
There is nothing wrong in my opinion with a woman wanting to look nice. I mean, don’t dress like s street walker, but at the same time you don’t have to wear skirts that just about sweep the floor or blouses that have a neckline all the way to your chin.

The ladies at Modesty Zone and the Modestly Yours blog have some good ideas.

Here’s what they found for modest swimwear, and this healthy male likes the modest look! :thumbsup: In fact, the older I get, the more I like left to the imagination.

While I’m all for modest swimwear, I just cannot imagine who would ever wear any of those swimsuits in that link. They look sooooo uncomfortable (not to mention a tad ugly in my opinion). I think I’ll stick to my swim shorts and tankini top.

I buy almost all my clothes from Kohls, Old Navy and Dillard’s clearance. I think you are right about quality - I buy good quality clothes (on clearance) and they last longer.
As for the swimsuit, I found a very nice basic tank suit. It fits well, I actually like how I look in it and I take good care of it. I probably will have it for several years. I tried one of those skirted ones, but it made me look fat and frumpy. Besides when I swim I don’t want fabric swirling around.

When it comes to money spent, don’t think about the initial price, think about how many times you will wear the item over the course of years.

I have paid over $100 for various items of clothing, but have worn them for over ten years, usually once or twice a week. These items are actually only about a quarter a wearing.

Other items cost $20, but I only wore them a few dozen times before they fell apart. Costs more.

My older daughter is in theater, so she has to have a certain “look.” She does a lot of shopping in thrift stores. She has found very expensive designer wear that is hardly worn. You have to be diligent, though, because they good stuff gets snatched up by others who are shopping smart.

I don’t believe it’s wrong to spend a bit of money on quality. But don’t think you have to pay tons of money, even for high-end names. My Michael Kors coat cost $20 and my Fendi sunglasses cost $10.
The point of buying more expensive names shouldn’t be so you can show off, the point is so you can buy a good quality, fit, and design. Now, it would be ridiculous to pay $500 for a t-shirt. But I could justify paying $90 for jeans if they fit me very well and would last maybe 3 times longer than a $30 pair of jeans. I would be more inclined to buy lesser known designers that have comparative quality than to buy obvious names that would make it appear that you are flaunting your wealth (or more like it, for me at least, your ability to get super deals :smiley: ).

There isn’t anything wrong with wanting to look nice. It’s wrong to obsess about your looks. It’s wrong to think that you are what you wear, or that you are better than others because of what you wear. I think you have a good attitude about clothes.

They mentioned that sort of outfit too. Sounds good to me.

The middle one they showed, I agree, not so flattering. But the ones on the L.L. Bean link looked nice.

Now THESE swimsuits look uncomfortable, yet there are those who rave about them. Guess I must be missing something:

One nice thing about being a man is that any pair of shorts will do as a bathing suit in an emergency. :smiley:

Those swimsuites are scary.

In response to the idea of not spending $1000, I’d like to bring in the concept of time. I hate to shop, so maybe shop once or twice a year. But when I do, I will drop a total $1000-1500 at a time. Now this will include shoes usually as well.

I’m super busy, so I have limited time. I wonder if spending a lot of time shopping as a hobby would be “counted” as a waste even if you didn’t spend a lot.

Wow! Those swimsuits look like what used to be worn in the early 1900’s. Can someone even swim in those?
Yeah, men are lucky. They don’t have to worry about finding a modest bu nice looking swimsiut:p

If someone drives a BMW but gives 70 percent of their income to the poor are they still being excessive? If you’re not refusing to honor charity with part of your resources you should buy whatever you like.

Purchases fall under the virtue of temperance. I would think that if the choice is between a Maybach and a BMW, a BMW shows temperance. If between a Ford Focus and a BMW, it may not.

I actually would choose a BMW over a Ford any day for the reason that Ford supports homosexual marriage rights.

Well, you know what I mean!!

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